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By Girly
June 27, 2008

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Summer Pampering: Getting the Look

Hard to believe a month has passed since my last note to my girls. Not that the month hasn't been without plenty of drama and excitement. It’s easy to look back on it all now that I sit here comfortably in my fave sandals and Bermudas sipping ice cold lemonade. And to be quite honest, it’s generally easy to look back on drama when it was never yours to begin with!

Unsurprisingly, the drama revolved around my favorite sister-in-law. Ignoring the smaller happenings, there was the semi-recent discovery of little Zac’s secret hoard of She She Me’s accessories. It’s amazing what you’ll find when rearranging the living room furniture! The poor dear; she thought she’d just misplaced that gorgeous Pucci scarf, but as it happens the once-gorgeous wrap has been scarfed up and chewed to stringy bits! And we would both prefer to forget what happens when a fluffy pup gets hold of one’s favorite clutch—at least we think that’s what the leathery bits came from. We don’t want to put much more thought into the remains we discovered.

In the excitement area, however, Hubby received an awesome promotion which kicked off our summer on the beaches of Maui! Yes, in his covert ways Hubby surprised me with a week-long getaway, complete with pungent leis and scrumptious luaus. Naturally I can’t complain about such a fabulous surprise, but I must say I was caught just a tad off guard and did not look beach-worthy with my über pasty legs (courtesy of my Irish heritage—thanks Nana) and less-than-summery selection of tops in my wardrobe.


Of course I didn’t let any of this stop me from popping on my beachy shades and shouting “Aloha!” to this blessed holiday from the smoky, hazy air (darn these summer wildfires), not to mention taking full advantage of the opportunity to update said less-than-summery tops with a gorgeous selection of very summery tops, tanks, camis and sundresses. Oh, and wedges, skimmers, beach-y flats, sandals and flip-flops! However, having recently arrived back in somewhat-sunny California I have made it this past week’s task to kick full-swing into summer gear and it was my every intention to share this plan with my girls.

Behold Girly’s five step guide on how to get the summer look:

ONE: Hit the gym. Kick each day off with a good workout. Yes, this does mean sweat is involved—after all, a sweatless workout is, well, not a workout. I’ve taken the circuit approach at my local gym—I get a great full-body workout in about 30 minutes. A good workout is a physically, mentally and emotionally beneficial start to each day. Not to mention the bonus— totally kickin' swimsuit bod!

TWO: Freshen up! The first step to healthy skin is to exfoliate. I’ve picked up some awesome salt and sugar scrubs to really get my skin a-glowin’. Exfoliating not only gives your skin a fresh and healthy glow, it also preps your skin to absorb moisture and color. This is especially beneficial if you like to use self-tanning products. Properly exfoliated skin will absorb color more evenly and will have a more natural radiance.

THREE: After my refreshing shower I slather some ultra moisturizing lotion from head to toe. And don’t forget the sunscreen! Elaine Benes would say the key to wrinkle-free skin is “One word: shade.” Since living in the shade isn’t top choice for most of us, however, remember to always apply sunscreen generously as part of your morning routine. And reapply often!!

FOUR: Dress the part. Yes, girls, this is the fun part:

  • Color. Nix the blacks, browns and blahs. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to introduce festive color into your wardrobe. The hottest colors this season follow the normal summer route of refreshing citrus, melons and beachy tones. Think of summer fruits and tropical flowers to follow the bright trends, and follow the colors of the beach scene (think ocean, sand, beach grasses and clouds) for a more relaxed and calm feel.
  • Shoe-ins. The gladiator finds a home in both tall boot styles and flat sandals for Summer 2008. Also popular are bold prints, strappy wedges and sizzling thongs, all styles to let your toes breathe and show off your fresh summer pedi.
  • Bathing suits seem to have taken a very sexy turn this year. One pieces will be found with sassy cutaways and plunging necklines—and check out the monokini, pumping up the curves and bringing back the ‘80s. Bikinis have gone strapless and bottoms are either very high cut or very low cut, so take your pick! Be sure to choose something you feel confident in so you’ll look your best.
  • Finishing touches, like earthy bracelets, colorful earrings and great necklaces, make a statement when paired with the simpler styles of summer.

FIVE: Femme it up with the occasional (read: weekly) mani/pedi, facial or (read: AND) spa indulgence of your choice. Nothing will help you feel more summery than getting in touch with your girly side. I’m finding these fab Nicole by OPI Nic’s Sticks very convenient for an at-home (or in-office) touchup or quick fix when I don’t have time to hit the salon.

Time to jump into summer before she passes us by, girls! Enjoy the sun and get the look.



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