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By Girly
December 28, 2007

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New Year, New Shoes

Happy Upcoming New Year, lovelies! Hope you’re enjoying any and all fashionable gifts and chic goodies you may have acquired during this holiday season. I know I’m practically glued into my new über-chic trench and fab new Paige jeans (thanks, Sis!).

Every year around this time I see my inbox fill to overflowing with emails having the subject line “New Year, New You.” Can I just say gag? Because that’s my reaction every time. (Sorry, Shop Girl; I know you wrote an article with that exact title, but that was two years ago so you are forgiven.) Some things truly are cliché and baby, that is one of them! I don’t even want to open those blasted emails when caught in a bad mood. Luckily, I am most always delighted to be alive and can therefore survive the gag reflex long enough to open the email and scroll up quickly so as not to see the subject line and therefore happily carry on with my perusal of said email. Phew!

Now there are some exceptions to this particular annoyance. For instance, I love the products carried on the Avenue You website and should this website choose to delve into the “New Year, New You” concept I would consider it more of a witty play on words than annoying cliché since “you” is actually part of the company’s name. Also I would accept this phrase coming from a rehab center (which I have no previous personal knowledge of or involvement with) or debt settlement agency of sorts (again, no previous knowledge or involvement, and with Hubby's ever vigilant handle on all thing monetary, never will have or will need!).


Anyhoo, as much as that phrase annoys me (minus rare exceptions—and before you judge me for playing off said phrase) I have attempted to make it a happier read by changing “you” to “shoes.” (As if there were ever any excuse NOT to be on the lookout for new shoes.) Moving on, then.

A new year is always a good reason to update your wardrobe. Give your closet a true overhaul. Out with the old (as in skinny jeans) and in with the new (as in wide leg jeans)! FYI: keep a lookout for your usual spring color spectrum this year, including pinks, (bright) yellows, blues, teals and purples all paired with blacks, browns and grays for feminine, sophisticated looks.

Now for the shoes. If you’re looking for some fab spring fashions and want to get a head start on the game (as we all do) here’s what you’ll want to shop for:

Platforms/Wedges: oh yes, in the highest sense! Platforms are back in full swing and making a stand (pun intended) this spring via colorful, funky designs. Fabulous wedges look great with the season’s feminine skirts and dresses.

T-Straps: the t-strap shoe has recently been back in the game and will continue on this spring. Again, look for bright colors (as well as metallics) and funky designs. This spring’s footwear is all about making a statement.

Skyscraper Pumps: definitely go for height in the pump region. Those 4-inch heels will be everywhere this coming season. Be brave and get something totally sassy, but something that will still look hot with fave jeans of course.

Texture: I’ve already mentioned color, but certainly can’t ignore texture as it is all up in my face this spring! Be prepared for beads, sequins and stitching, not to mention quilting, metal, sparkly gems and essentially any other texturing available.

Ankle Boot with a Twist: ankle boots are still in, but have jumped in line with the funky designs and random cutout shapes. Look for metallic, colorful, and somewhat-reminiscent-of-an-ankle-boot styles. Ankle boots are awesome with the season’s new skirt suits, by the way.

Phew, Flats: the “phew” is because I just purchased two new pairs of flats and, yay, they’re still in! The key to wearing flats this spring is to avoid the bland and go with colorful varieties. Also, those with great details (like texturing and gems) are totally hot. Flats work with anything and are always accented well with a great handbag.

Brave New Heels: there must have been a mutual decision among shoe designers to create architectural pieces this spring! Look for some wild cutout designs this coming season—and feel comforted in the fact that you are allowed to wear them in public!

By happy coincidence, is having an ultra fab winter sale at the moment so girls, get your shopping in now! You’ll not be sorry, I tell you! With free overnight shipping (and $5 off your order) this is the place to shop for new chic footwear AND handbags, might I add!

Well ladies, must now prepare to undeck my halls once the new year hits—keeping ones holiday décor up after said holidays have expired has definitely been out for a long time. Probably 50 years.



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