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Winter-to-Spring Wardrobe Update

Spring represents a new start. New flowers are blooming, baby birds are singing and itty bitty bunnies are hopping around (though the closest I’ve ever been to actually seeing said bunnies in detail is HDTV).

Daylight saving time is just around the corner and ready to throw out another hour of sunlight for, what else? Shopping! And maybe relaxing at the park after a hard day’s work, but I happen to relax best with an armful of gorgeous goodies dotted with sales tags. I mean, who wouldn’t? What are sales for, if not meant to create a totally relaxing after-work opportunity? You can even coax those beauty counter ladies into giving you a free foot massage if you promise to buy the lotion! It’s like going to the spa, but coming home with new jeans and fun footwear.

So here we are again, delving into spring with no regret for leaving winter behind. Ciao, winter. Bonjour, spring! Bonjour capris and wedges; hello swishy skirts and flirty tops!

Follow these three easy tips to help you with the wardrobe transition from winter to spring:

1. Feet first. One of the easiest ways to change up your wardrobe is to break out the warm-weather shoes. Get yourself a pedi! Time for those tootsies to see daylight again.

If the sun is shining, introduce those new sandals you’ve been dying to wear. This spring, popular trends include kitten heels, perfectly pretty pastels,  and chunky-heeled suedes.

For colder days, I’d skip the strappies and opt for a pretty flat, a colorful wedge or sporty heel.  Also, look for chic westernwear influences to ring in the spring.

For cozy, comfy weekends check out my fave new flats from Sperry. Chic, stylish and fun to wear!

2. Layer. Spring weather is fickle, always throwing us for a loop. One day it’s sunny with a high of 75, only to bring rain and chilly winds the next day. Kind of puts a damper on your plan to wear that new silk dress on Tuesday.

Go ahead and wear a fab new halter or silky cami, but as a layering piece instead of the main dish. Don’t retire your sweaters just yet. Instead, opt for comfy wraps or jackets and work a few bright cardigans in the mix. If the weather warms up, you can kick the sleeves; otherwise you’ll look bright and springy without freezing your tush off.

3. Accessorize. Time to drop the dreary grays, browns and blacks. Swap your wintry satchel with a bright hobo or pretty patterned travel tote. Kick it up a notch with some great new sunglasses.

Jewelry is an easy way to perk up your wardrobe. Wear a gorgeous bracelet stack paired with a tiny pendant necklace. If you like the more obvious than subtle approach, chunky, colorful bangles definitely scream “spring.”

A feminine, lightweight scarf will prettify and springify your look while keeping you warm on a chilly or windy day. One of my personal favorite accessories.

Hope these quick tips will help you out in the coming weeks. Smile pretty, girls, and try not to break too many hearts!



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SOS! Save Our Winter Skin
with La Roche-Posay

Freezing temperatures and harsh winds wreak havoc on our fragile skin. Now, more and more people are searching for effective products that actually TREAT dry, chapped, irritated skin. Leaders in advanced dermatology La Roche-Posay recently launched THREE solutions for severely dry skin. The NEW Lipikar collection is recommended by dermatologists worldwide and are clinically proven to rebalance the skin microbiome in order to improve dry skin symptoms, including eczema, and protect against future flare ups.

NEW! La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP+ Intense Repair Moisturizing Cream – For Extra Dry Skin

  • Clinically shown to reduce dry, rough skin
  • Re-establishes and stabilizes the skin microbiome to prevent the reoccurrence of extra dry skin
  • Replenishes lipids and provides up to 48 hours of hydration
  • Contains exclusive Prebiotic Thermal Water and patented Aqua Posae Filiformis
  • Creamy, comforting balm that can be applied all over the body year-round
  • Received the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance

NEW! La Roche-Posay Lipikar Lotion Daily Repair – For Normal to Dry Skin

  • Replenishes skin’s essential lipids and provides all day hydration
  • Formulated with responsibly sourced, soothing Shea butter
  • Lightweight, fast absorbing lotion that can be applied all over the body year-round
  • Received the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance

NEW! La Roche-Posay Lipikar Eczema Soothing Relief Cream  – For Targeted Eczema Breakouts

  • Clinically shown to relieve itchy, irritated skin
  • Replenishes lipids with instant hydration
  • Non-greasy cream that can be applied on specific areas of the body and face such as elbows, knees, & hands to target flare-ups

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Detox Solutions

NEW! Alba Botanica Hawaiian Detox Daily Clairifying Shampoo and Conditioner

Get some hawaiian detox love for your locks! Product buildup from styling gels, hair spray and dry shampoo can make your hair look flat, dull and dirty, even when it’s freshly washed. This detoxifying duo deep cleans and clarifies both hair and scalp for renewed body and shine.  By thoroughly cleansing and then lightly conditioning hair, locks get a boost of volume and shine is renewed. Volcanic clay and tropical fruit extracts work in combination to loosen and release dry, flakey skin, gummy oils and styling product residue accumulated on the scalp and around the hair follicle which helps hair grow faster, longer and stronger!

Get your skin back on track
- skincare at every stage

Spring will soon be here and what better way to get your skin on track and put your best face forward this year than with these fantastic products:

· For tweens and teens: This is a great time to begin thinking about healthy habits for long-lasting healthy skin. Chemicals and harsh ingredients can be harmful and damaging, so it’s important to be conscious of the new products you introduce to your skin at such a formative age

Try LAVANILA Laboratories The Healthy Deodorant Girl Duo: Extra gentle and non-irritating, Lavanila Girl’s twist-up solids natural deodorant delivers superior odor protection and vitamin-rich nourishment without the use of aluminum and other harsh chemicals. The formula includes health-promoting beta-glucan technology packed with anti-oxidants, active botanicals and essential oils fight odor by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, while still allowing young skin to breathe. With a compact, round applicator that is perfectly sized for the younger underarm, this non-whitening, super-soft formula is available in two fun, refreshing scents:

  • Beachy Vanilla: Tropical and breezy, with bright citrus, creamy coconut and yummy vanilla
  • Sporty Vanilla: A squeaky clean combination of fresh apple, watery melon and soft vanilla

· For those in your teens & 20’s: This age range should focus on clearing up breakouts caused by hormones and stress. A multi-tasking cleanser and exfoliator will help to minimize your skincare routine while maintaining a clear complexion.

Bioré Baking Soda Acne Scrub is a daily cleanser for combination skin which gently removes pore-clogging dead skin cells while also banishing existing breakouts with salicylic acid.
Bioré Charcoal Acne Scrub for oily skin contains exfoliating beads and skin-polishing micro crystals that clear away dead skin cells without irritating skin or stripping it of moisture, while also soaking up sebum.

· For those in your 20’s, 30’s+: During this period in your lives, wrinkles and fine lines begin to creep up on our skin. It is crucial to incorporate sunscreen into your skincare routine at this time to combat the aging effects of sun damage.

  Try KORRES Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Fluid Veil Face Sunscreen SPF 30: This ultra-lightweight fluid instantly absorbs into skin providing broad spectrum UV protection and deep nourishment. The silky texture and weightless finish is perfect for under makeup application, making this an ideal daily moisturizer throughout the year. Formulated with Greek yoghurt, it is rich in skin-repairing proteins to help keep skin nourished and protected from harmful sun rays.

· For those in your 40’s+: Skin laxity, sagging, and wrinkles can occur in skin beyond your face and addressing those concerns can lift years off your look.

Try IMAGE Skincare the MAX stem cell neck lift: This firming crème targets skin elasticity concerns on the often-neglected neck and décolleté. Its MAXimum concentration of skin-strengthening peptides and groundbreaking plant stem cells helps to uplift sagging skin, support elasticity and define the neck and jawline. The breakthrough formula improves the appearance of fine lines and dryness by visibly firming the skin in just a few applications.

· For those with chronic skin concerns: Throughout any age, stress induced eczema and other skin problems can flare up in our lives causing unmanageable dryness, irritation, redness and flare ups. Managing these symptoms can feel like a lifetimes work but using the correct moisturizer can end these symptoms for good.

Try Curél Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer: A breakthrough water-activated formula that instantly sinks into moist skin, diving deep into the surface to soothe, repair, and lock in long-term hydration. Formulated with ceramide complex for dry to severely dry skin, this moisturizer offers a solution to chronic skin concerns. Unlike other products, it all happens in the shower and there is no rinsing required – so you can just dry off, dress and go!

CELEB MUA APPROVED: NEW! 4in1 Product for Full, Bushy, PERFECT Brows

A well-groomed brow has the amazing ability to frame your face and transform your features. In fact, experts claim eyebrows are the most important facial feature we have! Although many of us aren’t born with a naturally thick, bushy pair, it is possible to achieve gorgeous brows yourself. Celebrity Eyebrow Artist (who has worked on the likes of Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, and Vanessa Hudgens) and creator of the famous iBrow shaping technique Erin Bryant shows how to create thick, full, beautiful brows with BROWFOOD’s NEW 3D Velvet Glide. Watch Erin completely transform her brows here!

NEW! BROWFOOD VELVET 3D BROW GLIDE4in1 formula combines liquid pomade, thickening gel, styling wax, and conditioner in one highly pigmented formula to instantly create multidimensional brows. This nourishing product (infused with Angelica Gigas Root Extract Serum + Rice Extract Serum to rejuvenate brow follicles and help strengthen and protect follicles for visibly strong brows) defines, thickens, grooms and conditions in ONE easy step. The formula is waterproof and demi-permanent for long-lasting, all day wear. Custom designed, dual purpose applicator – sponge tip for ultimate precision and brow brush to smooth and define. Zero flaking, zero fading, zero smudging! Available in dark blonde, taupe, brunette, dark brunette, and charcoal.

Rejuvenate and Reduce Wrinkles with This Cruelty-Free Skincare Line!

Serendipity may be good fortune that happens by chance, but when it comes to your skin why just count on luck? Serendipity Skin Care products leave nothing to chance. This targeted skincare line leaves your skin healthy, glowing, refreshed and restored, making you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Serendipity is beauty with a purpose. Simple, powerful ingredients like hyaluronic acid and rare botanical stem cells help turn back the clock, repairing skin damage and preventing problems in the first place. Effective, natural ingredients in every product give maximum benefit at a reasonable price. 

While protecting your pocketbook is a cornerstone of the brand, so is protecting animals by ensuring all its products are cruelty-free, protecting the environment by using recyclable packaging and protecting jobs here at home by producing products in the USA. Serendipity also believes in giving back, giving a portion of all proceeds to help animals in need.

Sing your skin a soothing lullaby with Serendipity Serenade Night Cream. A potent yet gentle blend of invigorating natural ingredients including cotton thistle and palm tree extract gives your skin a boost in the battle against dry, damaged skin. Use overnight for a visibly radiant and refreshed complexion.

  • Restore dry and damaged skin
  • Help maintain a soft and hydrated complexion
  • Help fight the aging process


Due to popular demand, Artis is launching the PALM BRUSH-MINI, which features the same innovative design and technology as the original version you already know and love, now in a smaller (mini-me!) size:

The Palm Brush-Mini is ideal for use with skincare, foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, contour, bronzer, setting powder and more! It has the ability to target smaller areas, such as under or above the eye lid, along the cheekbone, and around the nose and lips. An excellent companion to other Artis brushes, this new mini size could cut your beauty routine in half with its efficient, gliding performance.

Fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand, this minimalistic, handle-free, finger-grip brush allows for focused, stable and comfortable blending and distribution of skincare and makeup. Containing hundreds of thousands of exclusive, trademarked, Artis CosmeFibre, these fibres form a dense and soft bundle, ending with a microscopically small soft tip. This makes blending makeup and skincare products consistent, flawless, and an Animal-Free Beauty experience.

The Silver Loft is now OPEN!!!

Welcome to The Silver Loft! Affordable keepsakes in modern styles! Jewelry here is designed not only for wearing, but to spark a special memory and even show off those people and things that you love the very most. Isn't it fun to be able to help create something? We make jewelry that can be ordered with your preference of color, initial and many special touches to make it just right. We make jewelry that is inspired by YOU!

Please follow us @thesilverloft on Instagram for amazing sales and promos!

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