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Fabulous Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Honestly, I could go on and on about my love of autumn. The changing leaves, the cool nights, the brief gusts of winds providing for Marilyn Monroe moments. Oh! And of course the requisite new boots, divine handbags, cozy cashmere and other wardrobe staples associated with said change of season. Hubby understands; kids get new clothes for school, I get new clothes for fall. What's the diff?

As I scoured my sad looking closet this morning, I developed a mental list of must-have fall staples which would completely liven up my current wardrobe and create the appearance of an entirely new wardrobe without actually overhauling said wardrobe! It's brilliant! So naturally I must share with my girls.

Yes, as always the little black dress is front and center on my staples list. The versatility of the LBD is endless; ergo, top billing. Three ways to wear your LBD:

  • Wear over a short sleeved or elbow length white/ivory top to work. Very classy, as long as it's not a short short little black dress. Rule of thumb: always stick with knee or nearly-knee length where work is concerned.
  • Lunch with the girls prefers your LBD to be dressed down with a light jacket or sleek poncho on top. Throw on some sassy flats and a drapey necklace and you'll be set!
  • For evening-plain and simple with a few well chosen accessories. Slip into a pair of killer heels and you'll be quite the autumnesque babe.


Riding Boots. My brilliant mother once told me the best wardrobe staple investment she ever made was the purchase of two pairs of riding boots (one black, one brown-naturally). She purchased a classic style of riding boots and they have carried her nearly 15 years to date with many to come. Take note, girlies-mother knows best. Invest in some quality riding boots; you will not be sorry. A few ways to wear your riding boots.

  • With a sweet, floaty maxi dress. Riding boots give this look the perfect edgy touch.
  • With a midi or knee length skirt. Think twill, denim or even leather! Very cute and positively über chic.
  • Whilst riding a horse. Just kidding. Unless of course you happen to ride horses, in which case ride on, you classy little jockey!
  • For the horseless, another option is to wear your riding boots with trousers or jeans. Or trouser jeans. Which leads me to my next staple.


Trouser Jeans. So fabulous for essentially every body type. The trouser jean is made of denim but wears like trousers-fit at the top, then loose to the bottom and sometimes flared. Sometimes very flared, which is entirely unfriendly to the vertically challenged club of which I am a card-carrying member. Wear your trouser jeans with:

  • A sweet pair of booties. Of course you ought to also wear a fabulous top. I'm not promoting topless daywear, here! And for the chilly evenings, a great cashmere sweater.
  • dressy top and/or vest to work. Yes, jeans to work! In a business casual setting; certainly not professional business setting attire (if the men are wearing full suits and ties, you'd better join the procession-sans tie, of course). Wear with a pair of gorgeous textured pumps to add a bit of funk.
  • graphic tee for a day at the zoo/park/mall with the family. If you're a mom, you'll be the cool mom. If you're not a mom, you'll just be cool and casual! Win-win. A pair of cool (such a versatile word) ballet flats finishes the casual look.


Accessories. Accessories are accessories, not staples, but accessories are used to accessorize said staples! One more time just for fun: accessories. Okay, below are some of the hottest pieces you can pick up this season:

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm ready to get some fall shopping done!



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Don't Be Fooled by Fake Online Reviews

Dealsplus reveals how to catch them

By: Linsay Thomas

If you’re on the fence about trying a new product or restaurant, you can just check the reviews, right? Not necessarily. Fake online reviews are on the rise, as some product manufacturers or business owners pay others to write glowing reviews to promote their business or product. It can be frustrating if you’re just a typical consumer wanting to find out if you should buy that new product everyone is talking about, or pass. Even Amazon has filed a lawsuit cracking down on these fake reviews.

So how can you tell these fakes from the real deal? It involves some analysis on your part, but by following the guidelines below, you can sort out the BS from the real reviews from people who have actually tried the product.

  • They go to extremes. Fake reviews tend to use overly positive or negative reviews to get their point across. So if they use adjectives like best or worst, it’s likely not a true review.

  • They’re vague. If you’re reading a hotel review and it tells you nothing about the hotel, then it’s probably fake. Reviewers who have never even visited the hotel will explain why they went to the hotel (vacation, business trip, etc.), but they don’t go into detail and describe any of the amenities. That’s because they’ve never been there.

  • They lack details. Along the same line, pay attention to reviews that mention specific details. A real reviewer will often mention why they liked or disliked a product (“The battery lasted two full days,” “The cheese was moldy and tasted old.”) rather than give general praise or complaints (“I didn’t like this product,” “These jeans are great!”) 

  • See who’s writing the review. In some cases, you can find out who the review is coming from and see what other products they review. If they only review products sold by one company, then it’s a strong possibility that they work for that company and make money writing fake reviews. On some sites, like Amazon, the company will only allow reviews from consumers who have actually purchased the product.

  • Look for jargon and technical language. Fake reviewers know nothing about the product they’re reviewing, so they quote from the product manual. If you notice that the review keeps mentioning the full product name, that’s usually a marketing tactic to promote the product in search engine results. Look for jargon because most people don’t normally speak like that.

  • Look for copycat reviews. Are you looking at several products on one site and see the same reviews over and over? That’s probably because one person wrote one review and posted it on multiple products. Everyone writes differently and has a different opinion, so each review should be unique. If the same one keeps popping up, it’s fake.

  • Avoid all caps. ARE THE REVIEWS WRITTEN LIKE THIS? Reviews written in all caps are spammy, In fact, anybody who writes in all uppercase letters should be punished. If a review not only sounds annoying but looks annoying as well, it’s probably written by a fraud.

  • Investigate ratings that seem out of the ordinary. If a product is getting almost all four- and five-star reviews, and then there are a couple one-star reviews, check them out. Sometimes there’s a valid reason why a seemingly great product is receiving such a bad review, but if the only reviews are short and vague (“I didn’t like it,” “It sucked.”), then disregard them. This works both ways, so if you see a product with tons of negative reviews, and just a couple glowing reviews without any substance (“Awesome!” “Would definitely buy again.”), then they are likely not legit.

  • They compare the products with those from competitors. If you see a page-long review comparing the product with a different brand and are given long-winded explanations as to why the product is better than the one from competitor XYZ, then it’s likely nothing but a fiction tale. Companies will do that to create buzz for their product while slamming a competitor. Most real reviews won’t slam a company unrelated to the product being reviewed.

  • The review is overly promotional. They may offer a promo code and list all the places where you can buy the product.

  • They contain links. A review should be an explanation of why a product is good or bad. Some people, however, use reviews as a well to self-promote. So don’t be surprised if a reviewer briefly discusses the product and then correlates it to his or her own website. Just consider these reviews to be spam.

  • Look for cookie cutter phrases. Do you see a phrase in a review that looks odd? Maybe it is written or broken English or perhaps it displayed a poor use of a simile or metaphor. If it’s something that seems to stick out, do a Google search, just for fun. You’ll likely find out that the same phrase has been used in dozens – if not hundreds – of product reviews.

  • Check the username. On some sites, you’re given a username and it should have no more than three numbers at the end. If you see a username that does, it’s likely an automated program leaving the reviews.

  • The review is posted before the product is even released. To generate buzz for a new product, a company may start leaving fake reviews. You can often see when a review was posted, so if it appears to precede the product release, then it’s likely not trustworthy.

Marketing professionals are very crafty, so many reviews may look real. As the saying goes, don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Should you trust that positive review? Maybe not. Embrace reviews with a high degree of skepticism. Be suspicious of overreaching claims and reviews in general. But you can still try some of the tips above and maybe learn to identify fact from fiction.

Girly and She She's Favorite Things!

Simply Noir Capsule Collection Launch

We're excited to announce the launch of Vera Wang's first ever capsule collection for Kohl's, Simply Noir.

The black dress has been around for decades, however Vera Wang has reinvented the iconic dress with her fifteen piece black dress capsule collection, Simply Noir. Inspired by Vera Wang's signature style and designed with the everyday modern woman in mind, Simply Noir features elegant black dresses in a variety of styles and silhouettes. Combinations of unique materials create contrasting styles that are sophisticated with an edge. All items within the capsule collection retail for under $100, available exclusively at Kohl's.

Get Your Glam On

Step out this weekend looking your best with a few of our favorite beauty essentials. Get your glam on and feel great all night long while having the time of your life.

  Prep your skin before a night out with Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Vanilla Bean Creamy Body Oil. Rich, silky, and never greasy, this breakthrough creamy oil helps rescue dry skin with 24-hour hydration and nourishment. All of the benefits of an oil with none of the grease.
Korres Morello Lipstick & Liner Duo - Berry  Get the perfect pout with KORRES Morello Lip Duos, which come in four amazing colors. These creamy Morello lipsticks provide a perfect and pure color release in one stroke, and conditions lips while lending them a bright, rich, luminous finish. The KORRES Cotton Seed Oil Long-Lasting Lip Liner provides precise, luminous color enriched with nourishing cotton seed oil, jojoba oil and antioxidant vitamins. Soft, smooth texture helps you define the contours of the lips and create a base for lipstick, ensuring beautiful, long-wearing color without feathering.
  Don’t forget to spritz on Katy Perry’s Mad Love before heading out the door. A flirty and sweet fragrance, this scent is sure to get heads turning your way.  This fragrance opens with the succulence of Lady Apple Sorbet and Mara Strawberry blended to perfection with freshness of delicious Pink Grapefruit. Middle notes of Peony Petals, smooth Sun-Kissed Jasmine, and the hypnotic pull of the Bleeding Heart flower captivate the senses.

 NEW Burt’s Bees Strawberry Balm

Just because summer is coming to an end doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy what time we have left. Let Burt’s Bees help you savor the last few weeks of summer with their NEW Strawberry Moisturizing Lip Balm!

Our 100% natural Strawberry Lip Balm beckons summer with the flavor of wild strawberries – red, ripe and subtly sweet. The antioxidant-rich formula combines Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and our signature Beeswax to leave lips feeling soft and healthy. As essential to summer as a picnic basket, delight your lips with our new Strawberry Moisturizing Lip Balm.



Stay Smooth

While a little Vitamin D can always help relax your mind, there's no question it causes stress on your beauty routine. Dry, dull skin and frizzy, unruly hair are just the beginning. Let these essentials from DDF SkincareJohn Frieda ToolsBurt’s Bees and Conair help keep you smooth for the summer.


DDF Micro-Derma Crystals Polishing Gel

Dr. Sobel’s Micro-Derma Crystals exfoliate to provide a more even skin tone, promote skin clarity and brightness for a healthy glow.


Burt’s Bees BB Cream

Available in 3 mineral-rich shades, Burt’s Bees BB cream offers instant, light-weight coverage, as it firms and conceals to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Wake up to the true, natural you – perfected.


John Frieda Sleek Finish Flat Iron

Advanced ionic conditioning enhances manageability and transforms dull, lifeless hair into smooth, sleek strands.

Conair Flip Side Collection

With a unique double-sided design, this collection offers twice the styling power. Start by styling wet hair with the nylon-bristle side; then, once hair is dry, flip to the boar bristle side to finish the look.


Introducing the Newest Foundation
from Mally Beauty

Introducing the newest launch from Mally Beauty – the 4K Ultra HD Fantasy Foundation.

Mally Beauty 4K Ultra HD Fantasy Foundation  This lightweight powder formula preps and primes the skin in one single sweep. It’s packed with coated-powder pigments that fill fine lines and deflect light to create a flawless, soft-focus finish that looks naturally radiant and never “done.” It’s also enriched with conditioning coconut oil to keep your complexion flake-free. It comes in five shades: Fair, Light, Medium, Tan and Rich

Trendy Back to School Fashion

Just in time for back-to-school, a unique kid’s line is offering the most unique clothes and shoes!

Chooze is a unique kid’s line that allows children to express themselves through their fun and trendy prints. Chooze’s brightly-colored, stylish mismatched prints were specifically designed with a child’s creativity and spirit in mind. What’s more, every garment is manufactured from vegan materials and shipped in recycled cardboard boxes covered in patterns meant for coloring. Chooze items are sold at big name retailers including Nordstrom. www.mychooze.com

But even better (in my humble opinion) is the fact that they also carry saweeeet women's shoes as well! Check out a few of our faves!


No Bad (Hair) Days

Searching for that next level kind of hair care? Look no further. Skinn Cosmetics' Collagenesis hair products are here to fulfill your wildest hair care dreams.

Formulated with collagen from the Acacia plant, the *Collagenesis Anti-Aging Rich Treatment Shampoo* and the *Collagenesis Anti-Aging Hair & Scalp Treatment Conditioner* work to maintain hair's natural youth and beauty through moisture retention and complete hydration. Combined with chamomile and acai oil extracts, the shampoo's minerals nourish the scalp and leave hair feeling silky smooth. Paired with the frizz-taming, hair-strengthening conditioner, this duo is sure to satisfy even the thirstiest of manes.

Post-shower, bring out the *Collagenesis Seal & Shine Cuticle Smoothing Spray* and the *Collagenesis Scalp Revitalizing Serum* to lock in moisture and lock down frizzy flyaways. Formulated with a complex of acacia collagen, fruit acids and green tea extract, the smoothing spray will provide a long-lasting sheen while the serum rejuvenates thin-looking hair. This powerhouse collection is ready to give you the luscious, beautiful hair you've always dreamed of.

Modern Original People
C-System Hair Care Products

MOP C-System hair care contains powerful antioxidants that gently cleanse and provide protection from the elements, adding healthy shine to your hair. Fruit extracts infuse the hair with moisture for soft, pliable hair. I especially like that these products are very gentle, leaving my hair soft, shiny and manageable.

Soap & Paper Factory Petite Collection

The brand is now packaging their bestselling hand creams, soaps and perfume oils into petite, chic, travel-sizes that are perfect for everyday use and on-the-go summer travels.

The new Classics Collection includes:

  • Verbena: Notes of citrus combine with woody undertones and floral notes in this scent stimulate the senses and gives a feeling of balance. 
  • Green Tea: The naturally detoxifying scent of green tea is accentuated with crisp citrus in this sweet and uplifting fragrance.
  • Jasmine: Heady and intoxicating, the jasmine flower blooms only at midnight, making it ideal for this exceptional scent.
  • Gardenia: This warm and alluring fragrance is made from the petals of the gardenia, a flower cherished for its stimulating and exotic scent.
  • Lavender: This blossom’s renowned ability to soothe and relieve stress make this scent ideal for application just before bed.

The Silver Loft is now OPEN!!!

Welcome to The Silver Loft! Affordable keepsakes in modern styles! Jewelry here is designed not only for wearing, but to spark a special memory and even show off those people and things that you love the very most. Isn't it fun to be able to help create something? We make jewelry that can be ordered with your preference of color, initial and many special touches to make it just right. We make jewelry that is inspired by YOU!

Please follow us @thesilverloft on Instagram for amazing sales and promos!

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