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Issue 8
January 28, 2005

Must-Have/ Could Have
Nothing sends a girl into a shopping frenzy like the arrival of a baby. From the moment the ol' pregnancy test shows positive and you race out to buy a tub of ice cream due to your instant 'cravings', to the subsequent "need" to buy prego pants in your 7th week of pregnancy (both are premature but you're entitled to indulge early and often when a babe is on the way), you become a consumption machine. This goes on for nine/ten months of pregnancy and then the first 3 months or so of the wee one's life. Then reality sets in and you begin to understand that no toy brings as much joy as the colander you've had since college, and that what you used to NEED you now kind-of-want but really could do without.

That being said, there are certain things that a chic new mom does need -- both in the months leading up to the bambino's arrival and the months after. (It is important, after all, to take care of yourself as you begin the journey of motherhood.) And so, as your faithful friend, I've compiled a list of things that you must-have. There's oodles more that you could-have and an infinite amount you may sort-of-want. But the reality is that nothing measures up to that pint-size babe. So save the extra coins for the moment you can steal an hour to yourself for a delicious mani/pedi and a decadent frou-frou coffee drink. You'll be thankful when they start the foot massage.

Prego For the most part, we say go ahead and indulge yourself. You'll never be pregnant for the first time again, so take some time to revel in the glory of motherhood-to-come and the miracle that is life.
1) Books. We love Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week. The 4- 6 pages per week tell you everything that's going on with your body without inundating you with information. Make it a weekly ritual and stay informed without becoming the prego-know-it-all that scares her friends with too much info. (Contrary to popular newly-prego belief, not everybody wants to talk about your symptoms.)
2) Clothesicon. Your standby comfy pants. Your standby I-can-still-look-stylish-jeansicon. (It's important to have one outfit that still makes you feel cool.) Your safety T that's made for a pregnant person, not your husband. (Pregos rave over Autrepeau's whisper-thin camis and Ts.) They're extra long and are great for layering in these cold months. One dress. No one expects you to have a closet full of cocktail clothes. Save your cash for fabulous shoes and bags that you can still enjoy post-baby.
3) Lube. Must protect body from evil stretch marks. There are oodles to choose from, ranging from the very lavish to the drugstore basics. My friends and I used Palmer's Cocoa Buttericon and are thrilled to report not a stretch mark in sight.
4) Pedicure. Often. Do everything you can to take care of your sausages. And close to the end, you need to prepare for pushing. (If you have to look at something, you might as well look at pretty toes.)

New Mom
1) Books. On Becoming Babywise. This is a tad controversial, as many parents feel it is too rigid in its approach to getting the baby on a schedule and sleeping through the night. But 9 out of 10 new moms surveyed said they couldn't have made it without this book.
2) Clothes. Don't bother, aside from a bra suitable for carting watermelons (whether you breastfeed or not, your boobs will have a life all their own) and a bathrobe. You'll hardly know whether it's day or night for the first month or so anyway.
3) Personal Hygeine. For nursing moms, get thee some Lansinohicon for your nips. Don't ask, just purchase. For everyone, jumbo maxi pads for the first several weeks. I know it's gross, but you'll need them. Soothing bath potions. Whenever you have the chance, soak for sanity's sake.
4) Help. Do yourself a favor and let your friends and relatives take care of you. In due time, they'll be on your way and you'll have to do it all. But for now, receive everything they offer.

Regular Mom
Must Have:
1) Books. I Don't Know How She Does It. You'll pee in your pants it's so funny. Go ahead and buy two and give one to your friend. It's like Bridget Jones for the new mom.
2) Clothes. Nu Bra. When your boobs do their miraculous shrinking act, this contraption saves the day. Seriously, even the flat-chested can look downright voluptuous in the skinny tops. Shirts that wash-and-wear. But be stylish. Even though you're in mom mode, you can still be chic. Think sassy Ts, hip jeans and flatsicon. Definitely flats. (If you need a blouse, we recommend Brooks Brothers' non-iron shirts that afford you the chic collared look without having to break out the iron after every wear.)
For those of you scoffing at this advice, note that I only came to this conclusion after my friend Farah threatened me with, "If I catch you out of the house in your sweats, excluding of course a sassy, CLEAN matching velour set, I'll take away your Mylicon."

3) Make-up. Concealer. Dark circles will scare your baby. Spend some time at the makeup counter finding out what's best for you. And pick up some blush and gloss. You don't need to be dolled up everyday, but a little something will do wonders for your mental health.

4) A sense of humor.

And with that, I bid you happy mothering. Laugh often, don't sweat the throw-up, and try to savor the moment. It's gone in a blink.

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