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Issue 7
October 29, 2004

Do You Think It's Weird?
It's amazing how much one life can change another. It's even more amazing when you consider how tiny the person is who instigates the change. You'd think it would be the other way around. But alas, this hard-headed girly-girl who once upon a time believed that skinny jeans and tweed heels constituted casual Friday is no more. In her place is a girl who believes that practicality (I never thought I'd embrace flats with such vigor) rules the day - to the extent that her husband is beginning to question her clothing choices. And it's all because of a little nuggeticon of a boy. Which really got me thinking...

Do you think it's weird that my husband, who thinks that green shorts and a green shirt 'match' (if it weren't for me, he'd be an M&M), is feeling the need to guide me in my fashion choices? I mean, really, there is no reason for me to take off a shirt that has pee and throw-up (P&T) on it before going to the grocery store. I'm only going to come back home for more. And honestly, cutting the grass in my pajamas is not unusual. They are already dirty from aforementioned P&T, and it would only dirty up another outfit to change before yard work. Which brings me to...

Do you think it's weird that I will do anything to decrease the amount of dirty laundry? This is coming from a girl who used to live and die by the dry cleaners and their wash-dry-fold. You can see I have issues with laundry. Honestly, I think my old demon of having my roots showing by one millimeter has been devoured by the laundry demon who suffocates me in a mound of P&T'd dirties.

Do you think it's weird that my baby sees me naked far more than my husband? Oh, pick your jaw off the floor. You can't say you don't do it too. Where else do you put the little angel while you're taking a shower or a bubble bath? And heaven forbid I get dressed alone. Of course, this practice will have to end at some point to insure that no psychological damage is done; but for the time being, he's pretty much the only one who gets the daily dose of my not-quite-what-she-used-to-be. And speaking of not having time to exercise...

Do you think it's weird that I get dressed for the gym every day even though I never go? My husband comes in and sees me and a twinkle forms in his eyes that looks like pride when he says, "Oh, did you go to the gym today?" No, I didn't. But I really thought about it in-between laundry loads.

This only scratches the surface of my newfound weirdness. There is tons more. But we don't know each other that well, and I don't want to really freak you out. Though there are those of you who know exactly who I am. You're the ones who don't think I'm weird when you see me coming out of the handicap stall of the grocery store bathroom with a cart full of baby and groceries. You know that bladder can't be pushed. You also don't think it's weird that I can't watch The Apprentice anymore, because you understand that 8pm EST is my bedtime. And for those of you who can relate to these situations, let's agree that weirdness becomes us. After all, with a house full of laundry and a P&T stains on every blouse you own, what else can we do?

Happy mothering.


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