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Issue 2
February 20, 2004

Toting for Tots
The whole diaper bag thing can really get a new-mom-wanting-to-be-chic on a bit of a shopping frenzy. Not that there isn't plenty of other retailing to be had -- don't even get me started on the perfection that is cashmere for baby girls. And we won't delve into my mother's (the unborn's grandmother-to-be) new fixation with Ebay where she intends to find the perfect pram. (Protests of impracticality are lost on her. New grandmothers are like twirties without tots, they can justify any purchase.) But back to the bags.

Perhaps it's because of a girl's natural inclination (read: obsession) toward having a handbag that is 'just so'. Perhaps it's because it's one of the few things (aside from your maternity clothes) that you buy in preps for the babe that reminds you of life before the bulge. Or perhaps it's because we finally have an excuse to carry a handbag the size of a weekender (most probable). Regardless, shopping for the diaper bag seems to be among the most fun of a prego's purchases. And to get you all in the mood, we've prepared for you a list of the best and the brightest around.

  1. Henry Brown's waffle diaper bag. We love it for the customization. Not only can you choose between black and brown for the outer waffle fabric color, but you also get to choose between four wonderful seersucker fabrics for the inner lining of the bag. (The bow detailing on the side is just a bonus.) The inside features a large zipper pocket, two clear-vinyl slip pockets, a small zipper-pocket, center storage space big enough for a pet, and the bag also comes with a changing pad and Henry Brown's signature security blanket, the mooshie.
  2. Fleurville's Mother Ship. The name pretty much sums it up. There are compartments for just about everything. For the girl that needs everything lined up, organized and ready to go -- this is your bag. Think of it as an urban messenger bag for the new mom on the go. Again, customization rules the day as the new mom can pretty much mix and match to her heart's desire. We're big fans of the pink stripe (of course), but a girl can't go wrong with the purple swirl (very Pucci-esque). They don't sell directly online, but there is a list of stores for you to call/link to so you can find the tote you've always dreamed of.
  3. has a good list of options from which to choose. We love this colorful creation (and its price), as well as this un-diaper bag in Cabana Stripes. And then, for the sophisticate, there is the Sunset Dragon Diaper Bag from Petunia Pickle Bottom iconwhich I just may get for the name alone. Beyond that, you have to love that they have one specially designed for Dad aptly named the Diaper Dude.
  4. From a style perspective, I'm quite attached to Jane Fox's diaper bags if for no other reason than the sleekness. Still functional, the bag boasts exterior pockets for a bottle and a cell phone plus ample multi-purpose pockets. And with a Waterproof interior, you're good to go just about anywhere.
  5. For those looking for a backpack-style bag, look no further than Chester Handbags. Aside from easy mobility, your backside will look so pretty -- as the prints are positively precious.

That should keep you shopping for a bit. You pregos behave. And don't forget your lipstick. Your figures may be gone, but your smile should still be breaking hearts.

she she me sponsor: One Fine Baby
For every girl with a bun-in-the-oven (and for that matter, every girl who has a friend with said bun-in-the-oven), take a moment to sit down and peruse the delights we found at Aside from the rugs (currently on sale), the hand knit sweaters, and the personalized heirloom blankets (that are sure to make you the hit guest at any baby shower), we are all about their Nursery Gliders. In a market saturated with not-so-cute basic gliders and not-so-comfortable rocking chairs, these upholstered gliders with fabulous ottomans are an answer to a chic mom-to-be's nursery planning prayers. With over 80 fabrics to choose from and multiple different style chairs, even the most particular mom-to-be will be able to make all her decorating dreams come true. If anything, you'll wish you had fewer choices to make. (And after searching for months and finding not a glider, this is quite a statement.) No matter, the staff at One Fine Baby is ready to help you through the decision process and can answer any questions you may have. So shop on line, or give them a call. 1-877- 873- 2229

Pregos take note: Gliders are custom made and require up to 12 weeks for delivery -- so do your shopping now.

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