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by Pretty Mama

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11 Tips For Swimsuit Season

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I know it's a scary thought, but swimsuit season is just around the corner — seriously! And for anyone who has ever had a baby (or two) it is even more frightening to contemplate. Or if you've put on a few pounds since your sorority days. Or if you were born before 1995…

I know very few women who actually look forward to exposing all that bare flesh in a tiny piece of Lycra before a three-way mirror under extremely unflattering lighting. Last year's swimsuit buying excursion/nightmare is still too fresh in my mind. I had found the perfect swimsuit: a classic maillot in a slimming (according to the label) style with proper support for the girls and adequate (hopefully!) rear coverage. I had just managed to strip down to my panties (NEVER try on swimsuits in the all-together!) and had wrestled the suit up over my hips and was about to slip into the straps when suddenly the door to my cubicle whipped open (I could swear I had locked it!) and I was caught in all my full frontal glory while a little girl pointed and said, "Look mommy! She has dangly boobies just like you!"

Well, needless to say, I hurriedly dressed and awkwardly rushed from the store without buying the swimsuit. Which was really a shame because it did have excellent great rear coverage…

So I have determine that this year's swimsuit shopping/summer apparel excursion will not be a repeat performance.Not only will I dust off my gym pass to tone and lift this mommy bod, but I am bringing my own personal door barricade to ensure proper safety/modesty while trying on ensembles in the changing room! And lucky for me (and you!) my baby sister, Fit Chick, works at 24 Hour Fitness and has passed along these excellent tips to help us all get ready for swimsuit season:

11 Tips for Swimsuit Season

1. Hydration: suppresses appetite. Performance drops when fluid is low. 16 oz of WATER before and after work out. (Only drink sports drinks before and after if you're going to have a really INTENSE work out). I use this amazing foldable, reusable water bottle from Vapur — I can fill it partway and put it in the freezer, then fill it the rest of the way and have nice cool water to drink during my workout! Love it! 

2. Frequent Small Meals: I know this one is difficult with our busy schedules, but just pack lunches and snacks the night before and keep some spare change with you and you're set. Frequent small meals will feed your metabolism so it stays high and active. Always be at a 5 or 6 on the full scale (between 1—10) and don't go above. (Suggestions: apples with peanut butter, cheese and crackers, celery and other fruits and veggies all make great in-between meal snacks) Word of advice: eat foods that are as fresh as possible; stay away from preservatives. Organic is great too — try to stay away from foods that have been grown using pesticides. Switch from 3 big meals a day to 6 mini-meals and you'll be rocking those summer shorts in no time at all! 

3. Nutrient Balance: Carbs are good!!! Didn't think you'd hear that now did you? Healthy carbs (multi grains, brown rice, whole wheat) should compose 57% of your daily calorie intake. 30% should be healthy fats (dairy products, healthy oils, foods containing Omega-3 fatty acids) and 13% should be protein (eggs, meat, nuts, fish, plant based proteins). I know, I know, you're asking where the fruits and veggies fit in right? Fruits and vegetables contain both fats and proteins, so a rule of thumb should be 9 servings per day. That sounds like alot, but if you are having berries with your yogurt at breakfast, an apple as a mid-morning snack, a healthy salad with mixed veggies at lunch, a banana as an afternoon snack, steamed veggies with dinner and fresh fruit as dessert you've got it covered! If you make it a habit to reach for an apple, orange, carrot or sliced sweet red pepper (my fave!!) as a snack you'll not only reach your daily 9 servings without a problem but you'll probably drop a few pounds as well, which means you will look fabulous in that new figure flattering floral dress, right?

4. Calorie Deficits: Portion Control. Having that quarter of a cake, tub of ice cream, or entire pizza last night probably wasn't a good idea… but having a slice of pizza every once in a while or a small serving of dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth won't hurt. It's good to reward yourself. Besides, how many times have you held off when you were craving something, only to give in and eat the entire King Size Symphony Bar? It's much better to have a bite or two of something you are craving and then the craving will pass. Seriously. One of my favorite healthy desserts is fresh berries over angel food cake (angel food cake is relatively low in calories and is fat free) — very satisfying and healthy too! I also keep Hershey Kisses in my freezer and savor them one at a time (and not all at the same time!) Makes slipping into a pair of white hot denim skinnies all the more fun! 

5. Multi Vitamins & Meal Replacements: ALWAYS take a multi vitamin. They help you stay healthy in many ways. A women's daily multi vitamin is probably the best option, and my big sister, Pretty Mama, swears by prenatal vitamins whether she is preggers or not. She says they make her hair glossy and her fingernails strong! Protein shakes, nutrition bars, healthy drinks: These are all good before or after work outs. The best time for women to have something like that, however, would probably be after a work out. If the shake, bar or drink is meant as a meal replacement then look for something with 250+ calories. If it is a snack, stay under 250 calories. 

6. Best ways to firm your form: ALWAYS stick to your work out even if you feel like you're bulking up. You're not — it's just that your muscles are building faster than the fat is disappearing. The more muscle you build, the faster your metabolism will run and the fat will disappear! Lunges are great for slimming legs (the better to show them off my dears!). Triceps work outs help get rid of your UADD (under arm dingle-dangle) and makes it possible to go sleeveless without fear, and crunches will help tighten and tone your tummy. Always make sure you are doing weight workouts/resistance training and cardio. Cardio helps get rid of fat but lifting weights or doing resistance training keeps calories burning longer, as well as tones muscles, which will get you into that swimsuit much more quickly than just watching what you eat. 

7. Lifestyle: Stay active in regular daily activities. When you sit and watch tv for 30 minutes you are burning about 30 calories. When you do lunges for 30 minutes you burn over 200 calories. When you do lunges while watching tv you burn over 200 calories and get to catch up on The Mindy Project ! Also, cleaning your house for 30 minutes burns over 250 calories — that is reason enough to always keep your house spick and span!

8. Mind Body Effects: Being stressed lowers your metabolism. Walking, short jogs, and yoga all help to relieve stress. So you get double benefits by exercising! Mind over Matter. 

9. Stretching/Flexibility: elongates muscles and helps burn more calories. Dynamic stretches before a work out (active stretching) Static stretching after work outs (still stretching).

10. Love your Body: No one is perfect. Be happy you're improving! Look toward the future and SET GOALS! Don't compare yourself to others because that never works. Only judge yourself based on your own improvement. Sure, Miss Tanning Bed Barbie running on the elliptical next to you may seem like she has it all — long legs, burnished bronze skin and big fake boobs, but seriously? She's probably headed for a long battle with skin cancer, constant back pain and bras that never fit. Just remember, a month from now you are going to see some major improvement and you'll be feeling fantastic! And you'll be able to fit into those fabulous jeans that have been sitting on a shelf since Christmas. 

11. PT: Personal Training.
 Ok so you don't really have to do this one because it can be expensive, but if you get the chance to try a few sessions I highly recommend it. Also, most gyms will give you one free training session and they'll measure your body fat for free as well. (Yes, it is kind of embarrassing asking someone to do that but trust me, it's their job and they won't judge you because they just want to help.) Most gyms will also let you work with a trainer on an occasional basis — develop a workout and then check in every couple of months to see how you are doing, adjust your workout and add new exercises. It's a great way to stay on track, and it will have you rocking your summer togs before you know it. 

Alright girls, I hope you enjoyed these fantastic tips from my sweet baby sister Fit Chick! I know I sure have! So start working out and getting ready to fit back into that itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini!

 Pretty Mama

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas Celebrating
Female Entrepreneurs

From Julie Allinson,who founded fashion eyewear brand eyebobs, to Aurelie Popper + Jade Harwood, the women behind Wool and the Gang who believe fashion should be #MadeUnique with love in a sustainable way... not to mention other female entreprenuers who champion eco-friendly iniatives and items that are made in America, these Mother’s Day gift ideas tell a story!

Clockwise above:

  • Verloop's recycled plastic crossbody pouch ($55) Verloop Knits
  • eyebobs readers ($79) eyebobs
  • Made in America: Baked Beads crystal teardrop earrings ($24) and David Aubrey mixed beaded pendant necklace ($110) Artisan Gems Boutique 
  • Wool and the Gang’s tote “knit kit" ($49); ready made "Zigazig Shopper" ($105) Wool and the Gang

We Are Knitters

We Are Knitters, the European Company that has combined fashion and DIY, has a great line of knitting kits dedicated to warmer-weather-wear. From tees, to dresses and even a bikini, there is a variety of styles of knitting kits that come with light weight Pima Cotton yarn balls. The kits come in styles for men, women, children and baby!

Beautifying Essentials for Mother’s Day

A mother is always there, always knows the right thing to do or say, gives her continuous love and support and is never one to disappoint. This Mother's Day, don't disappoint mom with the same old gift; treat her on this special day to the luxurious beauty products from Soap & Paper Factory, Krigler and Tammy Fender Holistic Skin Care:

Soap & Paper Factory Shea Butter Hand Cream in Bella: Sooth and protect mom’s hands with this pure, velvety hand cream formulated with the finest oils available in nature. Her hands will be silky smooth and ultra-hydrated in a floral scent. ($18,

Krigler Manhattan Rose 44Give mom a luxurious scent with a fragrance inspired by the spirited energy of New York in 1944, this invigorating scent boasts a Cyprus, violet and aldehyde mix with musk and roses from upstate New York ($320,

Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare Bulgarian Rose Water : Keep mom calm this Mother’s Day with this balancing toner made with the potent ingredient of Bulgarian Rose Water.  Let her revitalize her complexion and calm inflammation with this beautifying toner ($65,

Mother's Day Gift Sets from Lancome

This Mother’s Day, give the gift of French joie de vivre with an exclusive Lancôme fragrance set. In 1935, Lancôme founder Armand Petitjean created the celebrated beauty brand as a fragrance house that would bring French elegance to the world. That year, Petitjean launched Lancôme’s first five fragrances at the Brussels World’s Fair, setting the standard for unsurpassed beauty and luxury that continues to this day. Now, 80 years later, Lancôme offers three of its most beloved scents—La Vie Est Belle, Trésor, and Miracle—in exclusive, limited edition Mother’s Day Gift Sets.

La Vie Est Belle: For the woman who lives in the present—filled with honesty, truth, and gratitude—life truly is beautiful. Help her celebrate her own unique path with this elegant collection of 2.5 Fl. Oz. EDP Spray, 1.7 Oz. Fl. Body Lotion, and 1.7 Oz. Fl. Shower Gel in one of Lancôme’s premier scents. Made with perfumery’s most precious ingredients, La Vie Est Belle entwines the elegance of iris with the strength of patchouli and the sweetness of praline. Floral notes of sambac, jasmine, and Tunisian orange blossom are added in the form of sublime absolutes. 
Trésor:  This classic, floral, semi-oriental fragrance honors the radiant allure of the eternal woman, and reminds us that love is a treasure to be cherished. Featuring a 3.4 Fl. Oz. EDP Spray, 1.7 Oz. Fl. Body Lotion, and 1.7 Oz. Fl. Shower Gel, this sumptuous Gift Set will envelope her in a succession of singularly exquisite notes. Rose, muguet, and lilac blend with the sparkle of apricot blossom. Soon after, Trésor becomes an insatiable mélange of heliotrope and iris, evolving into a sensuous profusion of sandalwood, amber, and musk.
Miracle:  Joyful, empowering, and inspiring, this spicy floral fragrance captures the sudden and sublime revelation that life is extraordinary miracle. Show gratitude for the gift of life with this premium Set of 3.4 Fl. Oz. EDP Spray, 1.7 Oz. Fl. Shower Gel, and 1.7 Fl. Oz. Body Lotion. Bursting with the zest of fresh freesia, peppery ginger, sophisticated magnolia, and warm, serene amber, this best-selling fragrance brings modern serenity to the everyday.

Rebecca Minkoff and Christy Turlington Burns Co-Host Every Mother Counts Breakfast

Rebecca Minkoff and Christy Turlington Burns co-hosted a breakfast in Rebecca Minkoff’s New York City Flagship store to celebrate Every Mother Counts, Christy Turlington Burns non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for mothers around the world.

The event introduced the newest addition to Rebecca Minkoff’s stylish must-haves for chic moms: The “Bowie Baby Bag”, co-designed by Rebecca Minkoff and Christy Turlington Burns just in time for Mother’s day.

“One woman dies every two minutes as a result of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. As a mother of two, I wanted to raise awareness around this important issue.” Minkoff said of the collaboration with Every Mother Counts. “I am thrilled to be working with Every Mother Counts; together we created this bag to increase awareness around maternal health and how pregnancy and childbirth can be made safe for every mother.”

The navy nylon baby bag features an orange lining and a hangtag with the Every Mother Counts logo. The bag, named after Rebecca’s daughter Bowie, is available now in time for Mother’s Day at and Rebecca Minkoff stores in NYC and San Francisco. The bag retails for $195 and a portion of the proceeds goes directly back to Every Mother Counts.

Shop the “Bowie Baby Bag”


Every Mother Counts is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. Every Mother Counts informs, engages, and mobilizes new audiences to take actions and raise funds that support maternal health programs around the world. Every Mother Counts supports programs in Haiti, Uganda, Malawi, Indonesia, India, Tanzania and the United States that address three critical barriers to maternal health care: lack of education, transportation and supplies. To learn more about Every Mother Counts work, visit


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