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by Pretty Mama

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Top Picks For Fall Fashion

PLUS Radical Skincare Giveaway!

For the last few months, since school let out for summer, I’ve certainly enjoyed not having to rush out the door in the mornings to catch the bus. I’ve loved not having to shoe-horn creating a nutritious-yet-cool peanut-free lunch into my morning routine (already jammed with arguing about whose turn it is to feed the dog, arguing about which shirt really goes with plaid shorts, arguing about whether the bed counts as made if the pillow is still on the floor, arguing about… well, you get the idea). I have been joyous about the leisurely approach to the day’s activities, if not exactly enthusiastic about the entourage I have to drag to the market with me (“She looked at me!”). It's been a glorious summer, filled with fun family activities and lots of great bonding time with my little ones.

But really, I've got to admit I am thrilled that school has started again! I have three sweet mornings all to myself each week and I am making excellent use of the time. I've been able to do a little gardening, get a little exercise, and more importantly, I've been able to do some fashion reconnaissance in preparation for upgrading my mommy wardrobe for fall. Let's check to make sure I've got all my bases covered:

Lunch with a Girlfriend: I’ll stroll into the local bistro looking sassy (but not inappropriate) in slim denims and a slouchy lightweight sweater over a slim little cami. Or maybe an easy knit dress and tights. My feet will be comfy in darling detailed flats and I’ll have the day’s essentials tucked into my nifty mod hobo. I’ll simply push my shades up on top of my head and relax for the forty-five minutes until pick-up, sharing my first uninterrupted girlfriend convo in six years.

Yogalates Class: Now that I can safely say that my pregnancy and nursing days are behind me, there is no longer an excuse for the muffins that drape over my waistband, and as much as I love them, tunics will surely go out of vogue again some day. Now is my chance to take care of me and whip myself into shape for next spring’s family escape vacation (hey, a mom can dream, right?). I’m luring myself into the gym on a regular basis with the promise of new sleek workout wear top and bottom, and a light, fun new pair of sneaks. Once the muffins are gone, I’ll reward my diligence with a slightly more significant addition to my wardrobe; here’s hoping!

Shopping By Myself: Just think of all the comparison shopping, new-item-trying, deal-hunting I’ve missed by having little “helpers” with me all the time! While I’m not sure this activity really warrants a specific wardrobe selection, it will certainly be nice to wear my new cardigan and cool screened tee without worrying that someone will grind Goldfish into my shoulders or drip juice box down the front of my new cropped trousers and onto the toes of my oh-so-adorable new Chooze! Seriously, these shoes are so fun! They are actually made for kids, but are so popular that they have a few styles for moms as well. I'm going to snap up a pair for my little guy and a pair for my little angel as well.

Missing My Angels: As much as I try to convince myself I’ll be glad of the alone time, I know I’ll be waiting for pickup with bells on. Well, maybe not bells, but certainly a fabulous skirt, flat boots with a bit of western flair (hey, I am a cutting edge mom!), and a cozy cardigan and a sweetly unique necklace. (It never hurts to be the cutest one in the parking lot at preschool.)

Enjoy these final days of Indian Summer my dears, and make sure to spend extra one-on-one time with each of your children even if it’s just 15 minutes a day. They’ll remember it forever!


Pretty Mama

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Giveaway Time!

Radical Skincare

Radical Skincare has just added a new home to their address book – Sephora and!! To celebrate this fabulous news, Radical Skincare is offering their Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask (a $65 value) for FREE to a lucky winner from She She Me!

The Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask from Radical Skincare is a multi-functional mask that restores, stimulates and boosts skin’s radiance.
It Contains:   

  • Sodium PCA: Helps maintain ideal moisture balance within the skin
  • Ginseng Extract: Stimulates collagen production
  • NasturtiumExtract: Regulates oxidation reactions
  • Beta-Carotene and Antioxidant-rich vitamins A, C and E: Vital for collagen production and proper development of skin’s natural barriers
  • Trylacel™ technology: Combined with Acai Berry, Grape Seed Extract and Coffee Berry extract to deliver 300% more antioxidant potency than other brands on the market in order to provide superior anti-aging benefits and radical results

Enter now for your chance to win Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask! So many ways to enter!!

A Few of our Faves!

Get Red Carpet Ready with L'Occitane

Stars are flocking to Los Angeles in anticipation of the Emmy Awards. This Sunday, stylists, makeup artists and hair pros will be working around the clock ensuring their Hollywood clients look their very best.

To get red carpet ready without an entourage, turn to L’OCCITANE for flawless skin with minimal effort. With extracts of organic iris and angelica, L’OCCITANE’s BB Cream and Sublime Essence offers every woman the freedom to forgo (or enhance) her make-up.


Iris Angelica BB Cream ($39): Offers all of the benefits of a moisturizer, foundation and SPF in one velvety, luminous cream. Your complexion will appear naturally smooth with an impeccably even tone.

Iris Angelica Sublime Essence ($52): A fresh, sheer, first-step formula which helps to correct skin irregularities and reduce redness. Skin’s texture appears visibly refined, pores quickly feel tighter and skin looks more radiant.

Soap & Glory + Anti-Bullying Month!

Last year, Soap & Glory, the playful British beauty brand famous for its frisky-monikered products got serious about ending bullying in schools.  They teamed up with STOMP Out Bullying™ - the leading national anti-bullying program in the U.S. - and raised over $20,000 in proceeds from the sale of their iconic Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss, during the inaugural PROUD MOUTH campaign.

This year, Soap& Glory is again putting their money where their mouth is. To celebrate the one year anniversary of PROUD MOUTH and Anti-Bullying Month, they will donate $1 for every Sexy Mother Pucker Lip GlossTrio sold* to further support STOMP Out Bullying™.

Fearless, confident and proud of their distinctive voice, Soap & Glory knows how powerful words can be and hopes to inspire hundreds of thousands of fans all over the globe to be proud of who they are – and show it – with words and actions in the PROUD MOUTH Mondays and Gallery on Facebook, and Twitter campaign, #PROUDMOUTH.

Make your voice heard in the fight against bullying and shop to show your support for the PROUD MOUTH movement:

Philip Kingsley Swimcap

Launched at the request of the 1984 Olympic Synchronized Swimming team to protect their hair from constant exposure to chlorine, Philip Kingsley’s Swimcap provides hair with the ultimate protection while in the elements of summer.  So as you wave goodbye to summer, say hello to healthy hair with the Philip Kingsley Swimcap!

Philip Kingsley Swimcap Key Features

  • Protects against dryness and damage caused by chlorine and salt
  • Prevents hair color fading by sun exposure; ideal for preventing blonde hair from turning green in chlorinated water
  • A super conditioning treatment for the hair
  • Provides great protection for both adult’s and children’s hair
  • For best results, apply in sections to dampened hair and work through evenly before exposure to the sun
  • $32 at

Introducing PALE CLOUD
Luxe Children's Couture Clothing

PALE CLOUD ( The luxe children's couture clothing brand specializes in girls' apparel ages 2-12 years. Launched in 2010, the company brings classic elements with a contemporary design to offer European chic and stylish apparel. Pale Cloud is sold at Barneys as well as top department stores and boutiques in 24 different countries around the world! Pale Cloud is a favorite among many, including royal children and celeb kids like Zahara and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt and Alessandra Ambrosio’s little one, Anja Mazur!

Get Radiant with Burt's Bees!

Burtís Bees Radiance Day Cream Get radiant with Burt’s Bees Radiance Day Cream ($18.00 This natural daytime moisturizer is specially formulated with Royal Jelly to help enhance skin’s natural radiance. While the Royal Jelly helps nourish the skin it also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Wear this lotion alone or under makeup for a healthy natural look

Back in Shape With Mama Mio Bootcamp

Back to school doesn’t just mean a new routine for your kiddoes. Knowing your children are in trusted hands throughout the day allows more time to concentrate on YOU.

Even if it’s a brief break between the school bus pick-up and your drive to work, 4 minutes is all you need with Mama Mio’s Bootcamp Kits.

Mama Mio’s Bootcamp systems are designed to tone the body and your skin with minimal commitment –  in just 4 minutes only!

  • Bootcamp for Butts: Exfoliate, tighten and tone with Mama Mio’s OMega Body Buff, Skin Tight and Shrink-to-fit to insure a great outcome.
  • Bootcamp for Arms: OMega Body Buff exfoliates, Skin Tight lifts sagging skin and tricep and shoulder exercises give you the right to bare arms.
  • Bootcamp for Boobs: By applying Mama Mio’s Boob Tube and Skin Tight daily, along with a short bust-perking program, you’re sure to get results!

Mama Mio’s Bootcamps retail for $75.00-$99.00 and can be purchased at

 De-Gunk with Bioré

Bioré® Steam Activated Cleanser with SteamActiv™ Beads energizes skin with a cooling mint extract complex that contrasts against the warmth of the shower to stimulate the senses. The invigorating steam-activated cleanser deep cleans for healthier looking, refreshed skin. Clinically proven to lift away dirt, oil and makeup, the gel facial cleanser leaves skin feeling fresh, clean and vibrant. An infusion of Green Tea leaf extract known for its powerful antioxidant protection and detoxifying benefits; the luxurious lather whisks away dirt and impurities. Soap-free, sulfate-free, Paraben-free and non-pore clogging, the formula delivers a deep clean you can feel.

NEW! Environ Skincare Hydration Field Guide

Hardly a day goes by when we aren’t reaching for our favorite hydrators to keep our skin nourished, soft and supple from head-to-toe. However, every skin type craves its own version of TLC and I’m excited to provide you with a spotlight on hydrators from South African skincare brand Environ®, the fast-growing  global, medical skincare brand on the market (newly available nationwide in the states). Environ® is completely results driven and offers a broad spectrum of hydrators rich in vitamins, antioxidants as well as targeted cutting edge ingredients providing a solution for all skin types.

Environ® AVST Hydrating Exfoliant Masque boasts a special blend of intensely hydrating ingredients and the finest natural clay to help eliminate the look of excess oils and micro-exfoliate the skin for a moisturized and refined-looking complexion. Skin is left visibly smoother, radiant and healt22hier looking. The ingredient rich formula features Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Kaolin, Mineral Oil, and ProVitamin B5.
Environ® Intensive Super Moisturizer is a luxurious moisture cream formulated to help comfort the skin while moisture levels are being restored. Super moisturizer is easily absorbed and leaves the skin looking smooth and nourished. This advanced formula assists the skin to retain moisture. Ideal for skin types that have trouble adjusting to climate changes.
Environ ® Ionzyme Focus Hydrating Serum is specially formulated as a light, highly concentrated hyaluronic acid serum that assists in improving the appearance of dry skin, fine lines, and photo-damaged skin.  Within a few days of using this product, skin is visually more hydrated with a plumper, firmer and more youthful looking appearance.
Environ® Body Hand and Nail Cream is a non-greasy treatment cream that efficiently moisturizes dry, chapped hands and nourishes cuticles.  Rich with vitamins and emollients, assists in shielding hands against moisture loss while relieving discomfort from rough skin for moisture balance.
Environ® Body Vitamin A, C & E Body Oil is a light, nourishing oil that helps soften the look of fine lines and uneven skin tone.  An effective combination of vitamins and antioxidants help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scarring, improve the look of hydration and soften dry, rough skin.  Vitamin A, C & E Body Oil may also be used to help improve the appearance of sun damage on areas of the body

Introducing Ouidad’s NEW
Color Sense™ Collection

Curly hair has texture, wave, and porosity – all qualities that determine how color looks and how long it will last.  Ouidad’s new color care line uses the ultimate technology to preserve and enhance vibrancy for not only curly hair, but for all textures and styles.  Now, all hair types can find comfort in maintaining color.

The corkscrew shape of curly hair keeps the outer cuticle layer open, leaving the hair shaft more able to take color, but also susceptible to color fading and dehydration.  In addition, sun exposure and other environmental factors can severely damage colored hair from root to tip. Just in time for Summer, Ouidad’s NEW Color Sense™ Collection preserves and protects against fading, so color is never flat or dull. The Color Sense trio with a proprietary Color Lock complex includes a shampoo and conditioner, but the star of the line is the Shine Boosting Color Extender treatment which nourishes, shields, enhances vibrancy and extends the life of color.

The Color Sense Collection gently removes mineral deposits and product build up that lead to premature stripping of color.  The result is shiny and radiant hair, salon visit worthy at its best.   

Color Preserving Shampoo Key Benefits

  • Gently removes mineral deposits and product buildup that can strip color
  • Provides a shield against fading from UV exposure and styling
  • Hair is instantly hydrated, healthy and vibrant
  • Sulfate free

Color Preserving Conditioner Key Benefits

  • Protective Color Lock complex affixes color to hair fibers and provides a shield against fading from UV exposure and styling
  • Nourishes and replenishes hydration to help keep hair healthy looking and soft
  • Sulfate free and silicone free

Shine Boosting Color Extender Key Benefits

  • Instantly creates a high gloss finish that lasts for days
  • Extends life of hair color
  • Protects from UV and styling damage
  • Sulfate-free and silicone free


Introducing the fall essie collection,
for the twill of it

Summer’s over and its truly time to get back to business, the business of fashion. Every autumn, New York City becomes a flutter with Fashion Week – full of fun, phenomenal inspiration. Everything from the oil slicks on the Manhattan streets after a thunderstorm, to the schoolgirls and boys filling the streets in their pleated navy skirts and blue-black blazers – serve as a muse for the essie 2013 fall collection. Fall is the perfect season to layer on the cozy and amp up the style. Rich fabrics, sumptuous knits punctuated with accents of lace and the occasional ultra-fine silk twill create a lavish palette of textures that’s just impossible to resist. The essie 2013 fall collection boasts fashionable shades for your nails that resemble lush cashmere, rich twill and luxe lace.

the lace is on to set the pace for the fashion season. Go back to cool in an after school boy blazer or positively posh in a twin sweater set. While some have a vested interest in the pursuit of style, other dress just for the twill of it – and then there are those who simply want to put on a luxurious cashmere bathrobe and call it a day. essie’s fall 2013 collection retails at $8 per bottle and will be available in September 2013 at, fine salons and beauty destinations nationwide.

Introducing Exotic Jasmine by Halle Berry


With an upcoming film set to debut in 2014 and a second child on the way, Halle Berry’s success continues to grow. Now, Halle is adding to her fragrance portfolio with the launch of her modern, sensual and captivating scent, Exotic Jasmine by Halle Berry.

Debuting in August 2013, Exotic Jasmine by Halle Berry has top notes of fresh Violet Leaf, Bright Neroli and Airy Cyclamen, which lead to a captivating heart of blossoming Jasmine Sambac, Lush Plumeria Blossom and Fluid Hedione, drawing you in. The fragrance dries down to a warm base of White Cedar, Soft Vetiver and Skin Musk that lingers on the skin. 

Captivate your senses with the exotic scent of jasmine, an irresistible fragrance that is perfectly feminine for today’s modern, sexy woman.

Smooth Legs Packing List!

Whether you’re planning on hitting the beach for a day, escaping to a tropic island, or just need to slip into your favorite flirty dress for the night, Schick® and Skintimate® have what you need to ensure that your legs will be smooth and stubble-free at a moment’s notice! Check out what products are best to pack for your next trip!

  The long awaited vacation of the year…
Finally going to spend a week or two in your dream city? As you pack your suitcases with your favorite outfits, don’t forget the two beauty essentials for your trip: the Schick® Hydro Silk Disposables, and Skintimate® Signature Scents Shave Gel! Using both will keep legs smooth wherever you go, and will add an extra burst of moisture and color to your shave routine to start your travels in smooth fashion!
The simple travel solutions…
Do you dread the task of packing? Combine your shaving needs in one easy step and save space in your duffel bag with the Limited Edition Schick® Intuition® in two fun designs just for the summer season! Choose the razor that fits your skin’s needs this summer: Renewing Moisture with Pomegranate extract or Naturals with all-natural aloe for sensitive skin.
A spontaneous weekend getaway….
Last minute travel plans to hit the beach and soak up the sun? If you’re escaping to warm tropical sands at a moment’s notice to enjoy the ocean breeze under the palm trees, the Schick® Quattro for Women® TrimStyle™ will help you stay smooth, daring and confident when breaking into your bikini. It’s the first and only razor and bikini trimmer in one, allowing women to shave, trim and transform themselves with a simple flip of the handle.

World's Most Fabulous Craft Blog: 
The Sassy Pepper

Be sure to check out The Sassy Pepper Blog! Created by the amazing team of Pepper and Sassy, two very stylish young mommies with amazing abilities in regard to all things DIY, the Sassy Pepper Blog is filled with wonderful ideas for creating, decorating and repurposing to make your life easier, your little darlings more adorable and your home more stylish. From making homemade oreo cookies and building a dream bed for your toddler, to tips on how to throw a Wizard of Oz birthday party or the perfect baby shower, you're sure to be as amazed and thrilled by the ideas in this blog as me!

Check it out today — you'll thank me tomorrow!

Check out the latest tutorial — and learn how to repurpose your furniture! Step by step instructions on how to turn your old furniture into gorgeous new works of art!!


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