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by Pretty Mama

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Pretty Party Style

I thought I had finally gotten a handle on my crazy sleep-deprived life. I had finally figured out just how early I needed to rise to get myself and my two little ones fed, cleaned up, dressed and out the door to face the morning preschool fashion parade (current wake up time is 5:30 a.m.). I will also admit to many a morning when I just slip into trainers, comfy sweater and yoga pants, a ballcap and sunglasses to do the whole preschool drop-off routine. (Which has actually turned into a total benefit — since I am already so very appropriately attired, I may as well get a little exercise!)

I have been meeting my friend Whitney at the park where we both stroll our littlest angels briskly along the paths while we catch up on the past days' events. This little jaunt through the park is often followed by a leisurely cup of something rejuvenating at the corner bistro afterward. (Life is all about rewards at this point!) I was commenting to Whitney just yesterday about how our morning walks were starting to pay off — I had finally been able to pull my new on-trend colored jeans up over my hips (without performing a multitude of contortions) and actually fasten the buttons without fear of them popping off and putting out an eye. Whitney replied that she, too, had felt that she was shaping up quite nicely in the post-baby figure department. At least until that morning. Apparently, as she was getting out of the shower her phone rang and since she was expecting a call she grabbed a towel and raced into the bedroom to pick up. Too late, the caller had hung up. She turned to go back into the bathroom and there was her 3-year-old daughter, Sophie grinning from ear to ear. "Mommy, your bum wiggles like Jell-O when you run," Sophie announced before performing her own imitation of the jiggle-when-you-wiggle. (Hmmm, kids do say the darnedest things!) Needless to say, a comment like this will put a bit of a damper on one's morning routine. I quickly assured Whitney that even the hottest celebrities experience the jiggle effect (who doesn't?) and that's why someone very brilliant invented Spanx, and why I will never go to a nude beach.

Back to getting a handle on my life. As I mentioned, things have been going quite nicely lately. I seem to have found my mommy groove. My little boy is really enjoying life as a grade schooler and my daughter adores her preschool. My husband's new job is much closer to home so we get to see much more of him and I am finally back into my favorite jeans. So life is looking good. Or so I thought. Apparently the entire spring season has snuck up on me - Easter is just around the corner and Family Easter Dinner, (important events are always capitalized in my family) and while I definitely know how to throw a great party, (or at least how to decorate for one!) I'm not so sure about being able to pull off the whole linen tablecloth, good china and crystal, honey-baked ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, lemon meringue pie-fest that my mother so effortlessly does (and my sister-in-law totally desecrated last year when she ordered a catered meal and tried to pass it off as her own! The dear girl can barely pour cereal into a bowl, let alone prepare a twelve course gourmet dinner with sweet potato brûlée! Besides, I saw the catering truck parked outside her house earlier.)

Since I'm not SuperMom (and don't aspire to be) and I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy any holiday without slaving feverishly in a hot kitchen all day, I am going to do the sensible thing this year and start a new family tradition: food assignments! I can manage the honey-baked ham, but I am farming out the rest of the meal to the attendees!. Let's see, Mom makes the most fabulous buttermilk rolls, my sister Jane is famous for her savory herbed mashed potatoes, my youngest sister can be counted on for a scrumptious mixed green salad and really has a way with ambrosia, Aunt Mary makes a mean string bean casserole, and my sister-in-law…well, my sister-in-law most likely has the number for Grandma's Pie Shoppe in her speed dial.

Now I can settle down to the truly important aspects of spring: how a busy mom stays chic and stylish! The key here, dearest friends, is great key pieces which can be accessorized to achieve even greater impact.

Everyday Chic

Pretty Party Chic

Fun Things for Any Occasion:

  • Pick up one of these adorable hatboxes from LUSH Cosmetics for the bath lover in your life and you'll be guaranteed a shriek, giggle and perhaps even a little happy dance.
  • The "Emily" diaper bag from Jimeale. (This is the bag that Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen use for their little darling!) Absolutely gorgeous and so very practical with two side pockets for bottles, a padded shoulder strap and interior compartments galore!
  • The Head to Toe Collection from Kiss My Face. Heads, shoulders, knees and toes will all benefit from this twelve piece collection including a shower gel, soap, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, creams, moisture shave and scrubs.
  • The Solano 3300 XtraLite Dryer— the best hair dryer I have ever used! It dries my hair quickly, without leaving it frizzy. My hair has tons of body and is so much more manageable. I adore this dryer!
  • For looking gorgeous while prepping in the kitchen, I love this adorable mother/daughter apron set!

Well dears, this has been quite the little missive, but I just had so much to share! Happy Spring Shopping!

Pretty Mama 

Pretty Mama's Favorite Things


Bamjamz® presents their revolutionary active collection — the perfect separates for anyone who wants to feel sexy yet comfortable while sporting their new loungewear.  The best part? Bamjamz® is made from organic bamboo, one of the most sustainable resources on the planet. It feels like silk, is as soft as cashmere and washes like cotton. The ideal eco-trifecta!

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Spa Lounge Pants


 Sumo Sultan

You've got to check out the great beanbag chairs from SumoLounge — the world's most perfect beanbags! I recently received my Sumo Sultan and I love it. The fiery red corduroy cover is so cushy and comfortable — the Sultan is my favorite place to lounge after a tough day of shopping! There is plenty of room if I decide to share my Sultan with that special someone, but I really love to rule from this throne all by myself. I can snuggle in with a good book and a mug of hot cocoa and I am in the perfect place to wind down, relax and just veg out.

Big Bean Bags are Better

  • Our Big Bean Bags Measure 54" X 54" X 42"
  • Removable microsuede bean bag cover zips off to machine wash, and we also have a brand new corduroy cover
  • 10 fit-for-royalty colors to choose from for your big bean bag chair
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  • Made with 100% Polyester Fiber

The Sumo Sultan is now available in two cover fabrics, the original big bean bags in microsuede and the brand new large bean bags with a corduroy cover.

Solano 3300 XtraLite Dryer

Every girl needs a good blow-dryer and the Solano 3300 XtraLite Dryer is the perfect new hair companion. Light in weight but not in power, this dryer boasts 1800 watts combined with ionic, ceramic and tourmaline technology. The result is a frizz-free, smooth, shiny blowout that’s easy on the arms and easily mistaken for a professional’s work.


World's Most Fantastic Craft Blog: 
The Sassy Pepper

Be sure to check out The Sassy Pepper Blog! Created by the amazing team of Pepper and Sassy, two very stylish young mommies with amazing abilities in regard to all things DIY, the Sassy Pepper Blog is filled with wonderful ideas for creating, decorating and repurposing to make your life easier, your little darlings more adorable and your home more stylish. From making homemade oreo cookies and building a dream bed for your toddler, to tips on how to throw a Wizard of Oz birthday party or the perfect baby shower, you're sure to be as amazed and thrilled by the ideas in this blog as me! Check it out today — you'll thank me tomorrow!

Check out the latest tutorial — how to add a splash of color to any room!


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