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by Pretty Mama

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Best of Spring Style

The month of April is all about renewal and rebirth — vibrant green leaves appearing on the branches of winter dormant trees, fragrant flowers blossoming in gardens and window boxes, bees buzzing, birds twittering, and warmer, sunnier days (which is what moms everywhere have been anxiously awaiting for the past several wet and weary months). Although my little darlings and I have had a fantastic time crafting, baking and bonding indoors we are more than ready to move our adventures outside.

Was at the park this past week with my little angels and actually had a few minutes to sit on the shady park bench and daydream while my kids built sand cities in the sandbox. Was happily planning out my final spring wardrobe acquisitions: adorable cami, sweet skinny jeans — which can take me from spring right into summer. There is nothing quite like the perfect pair of jeans, so versatile and so very necessary. Oops, where was I? Oh yes, spring wardrobe daydreaming. To continue: A fabulous pair of sandals to pull the look together and a spiffy straw tote. Oh, and must keep an eye out for a really unique necklace. Suddenly my pleasant reverie was interrupted by a pair of whiny, snarky voices at the other end of the bench:

"Oh my goodness," one of them said. "Just look at those two over there, playing in the mud. What on earth is their silly mother thinking? Those outfits will have to be thrown away, they are so unbelievably filthy!"

I looked around to see where these filthy mud-wrestling children were and realized that little Miss Snarky Pants was referring to my little darlings!

"I just don't understand some people," replied her equally snide friend. "How can they allow their children to get so filthy? Don't they realize how upsetting it is to other people, especially those of us who actually care how our children look? I will never allow my little Madison to actually play in the sand! Just the thought of her getting dirt on her little Burberry sundress makes me cringe." And at that, she actually shuddered.

I glanced back at my two little civil engineers, one (wearing a darling little froggie tee) cheerfully packing sand into a bucket, the other (in her rufffled sundress) poking twigs into the top of a mound of sand, both just as happy as could be, completely engrossed in their creations (and not even remotely dirty mind you.) OK, so they had a little sand on them, but nothing a quick brush down wouldn't take care of. I bristled (as I usually do when someone has the audacity to criticize my little angels) and turned to set these two Joan Crawford wannabe's straight. Then I noticed their teeny, tiny babies in their über-chic prams (neither child more than four months old) and thought to myself, "Just wait till little Madison up-ends her bowl of spaghetti all over her Burberry sundress! That will definitely be a Kodak moment." And I calmly (and somewhat smugly) returned to my shopping reverie secure in the fact that no mother has ever succeeded in keeping her child out of the park sandbox.

So warner weather is finally here and those long, lazy days stretch out in front of us. Make the most of the great weather and plan some fun mommy-and-me activities. And to help you stay stylish while doing so, we offer the following ideas for the Best of Spring Style:

Casual Chic:

Face it. You will most likely end up with Juicy Juice on your Juicy Couture so choose machine washables here. (That doesn't mean you are limited to basic jeans and tees however!)

  • A great denim skirt with a little stretch—one that you can move around in—paired with a very girly style top. (Remember, when wearing something that is fitted on the bottom, wear something looser on top. And vice versa.) And a cute pair of kicky sandals to finish.
  • Here's the vice versa: a flirty full skirt paired with a fitted tank or tee. A chic pair of girly slides and a funky necklace to complete the ensemble.
  • The good ole' jeans and top. But bump it up a level. Don a pair of fabulous figure flattering designer jeans, (straight leg or slightly bootcut styles are the most universally flattering) and instead of a basic tee, go with a silky sweet tee or empire top. So much more chic! Finish the look with a chic pair of wedge sandals.
  • A roomy tote bag (love this great Matt & Nat tote — gorgeous and eco-friendly!) is a must, especially if you are still on diaper duty (as I am). I also like to pack my little one's swimsuits and a nifty little waterproof bag to put the wet suits in after their run through the sprinklerfest at our park.
  • A sunhat is a big bonus whenever you are outdoors. (Gotta keep those wrinkles and freckles in check!) I love Wallaroo hats because they have UPF50 and can block up to 97.5% of the sun's ultraviolet rays. There are so many darling stylish ones to choose from; even a sassy little canvas number that you call roll up and stuff in your bag.

Lunch with the Girls Chic:

This usually goes one of two ways. Scenario One: Not a babysitter to be found, so you and your girlfriends end up at Chuck E. Cheese with the tots in tow. (In that case refer to the guidelines for Playtime at the Park above.) Scenario Two: You are all lucky enough to get babysitters and you can actually have an honest-to-goodness lunch with the girls. The perfect opportunity to don your sweetest summer frock and make the most of this lovely afternoon (it doesn't happen too often now does it?)

  • A sassy sundress is always a good look for lunch. Be the envy of the ladies who lunch in this gorgeous floral print sundress from Rachel Roy. Just love the way it floats around my legs and makes me feel so girly. Wear it with a great pair of chunky sandals, a gorgeous necklace and a funky little handbag and you are good to go!
  • A flirty, feminine skirt and skinny top would also look fabulous. There is nothing like a great skirt to make you feel more like a hot mama and less like an exhausted mommy! Especially when worn with this beyond gorgeous wedges. A pair of fun earrings and a fun satchel will complete the ensemble.
  • If you just aren't in the skirt and dress mood, a lovely pair of tailored capris or crisp twill crops and a colorful peasant top would fit the bill quite nicely indeed. The loose flowy style is très flattering, can cover a multitude of sins, and there are so many darling styles available in all price ranges. Complete your stylish ensemble with a pair of sassy slide and a hot mama handbag.

Goodies for the Kiddies

  • Ugly Dolls. They are so adorable! Especially for your little guy. In fact, my husband is the one who discovered these fabulous little furries, and he thought they were so great that he actually got a key chain for himself, to match the little critter that he got for our son. (So of course I snapped up a purple key chain to match the little scrammy that I got for my little princess!) So many varieties and so darn cute!
  • This beyond adorable pirate apron! My son is soooo into pirates, and this is perfect for keeping his clothing clean while fingerpainting, creating with Play-Doh, helping make cookies, and even eating dinner.
  • My littlest angel just loves this fairy princess castle tent. In fact, it's the only way I can get her to take a nap anymore!

Just Gotta Have It

  • Just for me, my favorite spring scent from CLEAN perfume — CLEAN Provence: Reminiscent of pure soap and water, freshly laundered linen, and open blue skies. The perfect anytime scent.
  • M·A·C Chenman Love and Water: East meets West. A sensual colour collection created in collaboration with Beijing-born fashion photographer, Chen Man, inspired by her infatuation with love and water, yin and yang, pink and blue.
  • FABULOUS new shoe styles at Sole Society! My favorite new not-so-guilty pleasure! And no more monthly fees! Buy what you want when you want — gotta love it!

Well, dearest girls, this should keep you sassy, stylish and totally fabulous throughout the spring and right into summer!

 Pretty Mama

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