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by Pretty Mama

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and featuring A Child's Journey Out of Autism

Summer Mommy Style

It’s not that I’m dreading summer, exactly. I mean, I spent most of the past seven months either shivering or bemoaning the fact that it was too cold to send the kids outside to play, so for certain I’m glad to see the sun and a little warm weather at last. But summer adds a new list of challenges, including the one that means it’s now warm enough to stop wearing a giant coat or sweatshirt everywhere, allowing me to get away with horrible crimes of daily fashion because no one will see them.

Besides my newfound resolve to stop yelling (I mean, how can I expect my kids to stop shouting the length of the house until I do, right?), I’m resolving to be more like that mom. You know, the one who always has the darling little outfit on, not the t-shirt that was draped over the end of her bed with tatty yoga pants and flip-flops. The one who brings homemade applesauce muffins with cream cheese frosting to the end-of-the-year party, not the obviously-from-the-supermarket neon-frosted sugar cookies she picked up on the way to the bus stop that morning. The one who has the great new tankini in a hot graphic print, not the one who’s afraid that the elastic in her three-year-old bathing suit strap will give out at last while she’s supervising the Marco Polo game at the pool club.

But being less than perfect myself (no, really), I’m thinking I might need to employ some strategic camouflage to help build and maintain the illusion that I’m as together as I’d like to be. Fortunately, my shopping research (well, what I can squeeze in between drop-off and pick-up) has led to the discovery of a number of helpful styles to mask the less-than-ideal bits of us and show off the more shapely parts. Here are my favorites for this season.

Full sleeves: From short to long, there’s a soft sleeve to hide every arm. If you’re not comfortable baring your biceps (okay, what biceps?), run to the nearest peasant blouse. With a scoop neck to show off your shapely collarbones and décolletage (side benefit of breast-feeding!) and a loose body, the boho top is your spring and summer go-to solution. Choose a pretty solid for everyday wear, and a soft floral print (with white pants or a denim skirt) for barbeques and evening events. (Beware, though, ladies with truly ample bosoms: this look can get a little costume-y if the body is too loose and gathered. Look for a more fitted silhouette.) Give yourself a style boost with an über-chic leather wrap bracelet from Rachel Abroms. Trust me — your kids will think you're the coolest mom ever! (And be prepared for your daughter to snatch it from you the minute she gets a chance!) Designer Boutique

Empire waists: Hide any squishiness that may still be hanging around your middle. Whether a loose, gathered shape (on a slimmer, smaller-busted mom) or a princess-seamed a-line silhouette on a larger mom, this look is nearly failsafe. By placing a seam at the smallest part of the torso, right under the bust, the empire waist not only makes you look thinner but it extends the visual line of your legs right up to your armpits (think Julia Roberts), and who doesn’t want to look six inches taller? Choose a great cotton sundress that is the perfect easy-on option for day (and yes, you can sit down on the floor and play with a toddler in a dress), or a simple knit top with shorts or Bermudas. If you have the opportunity to dress up, an empire waist lends a great shape to a soft fabric like chiffon that might be hard to wear in a different silhouette (unless you’re SJP). Try a maxi dress for an evening cocktail party and show off your tan arms. This shape is also out there in any number of belly-skimming tankinis for those unavoidable bathing-suit outings when lying down to look skinny is really out of the question.

Wide legs: Whether in long pants or cropped, dressed up or more casual, this trouser line is the best friend of any mom who has full hips or thighs or who’s slightly more bootylicious than she’d like. By fitting the body just below the waistband and then falling straight down to the hem of the pants, wide-legs make your legs look long and lean. Add a great pair of platform wedges (for running around on even surfaces, not in the yard — which I’ve learned the hard way) and the effect gets even more pronounced. And if the wide-leg trouser has a vertical seersucker stripe? Get out of the way, here comes Stretch!

And speaking of pants, I've gotta let you in on a little secret that I have discovered — ZAKKERZ®, the fabric strips that contain strong magnets and allow you to make a temporary hem in your trousers, enabling you to wear both flats and heels with the same pair of trousers! I just love it when I find something that lets me stretch my fashion dollar even further (and who couldn't use a little fashion furthering, right?) Zakkerz are cute, portable, and easy to tote around in their little carrying sac, and they come in variety of colors. Save your pants from ruin and walk in comfort with ZAKKERZ — Pant Problem Solved!

Summer Shoes: At one time I thought my skyscraper days were over, and as far as stilettos go, I guess they have just been postponed for a bit. However, I have a whole new lease on life with this summer's fabulous wedges. I still get the long, lean look of a pair of sassy skyscrapers, but without the possibility of breaking my neck while juggling groceries, diaper bags and the occasional toddler. Also, even a small wedge will make a pair of thong sandals look dressy, so you get double duty out of a great pair of shoes!

Bits and Pieces: Don't you love it when a friend let's you in on her favorite discoveries, unique ideas and of-the-moment trends? Well, I am that friend! Here are a few of my most recent finds:

  • Favorite summer scent: Fleur D'Amour perfume. The very essence of the sleek and sophisticated women. Fabulous floral scent, perfect for those hot summer nights!
  • MASCARA 38°C EYELASH BASE and MASCARA 38°C (Volumising) Both summer fun & vacationing must-haves feature the revolutionary water-, sweat- and tears-proof formulation that doesn’t budge until splashed with water 38˚C or above — perfect for when lounging on the beach, by the pool and even in the water!!  Available May 2009 at Bergdorf Goodman, select Barneys New York and Takashimaya department stores.
  • The Peacock Market Sling from Serena and Lily. The simple, seamless piece of fabric is snug, sleek and easy to wear, not to mention unbelievable gorgeous! The lining is 100% organic cotton jersey, so soft against baby's delicate skin. The best thing is that this sling is completely machine washable! You'll be the envy of all the other moms at the park! Check out the other gorgeous slings available at Serena and Lily.
  • The Clever Clip: This is one of my favorite finds for summer. My hair gets absolutely crazy during the heat and humidity of summer, not to mention chasing little ones around the park and the pool. With the Clever Clip I can pin my hair in place with effortless ease, and it will stay in all day! Whether your hair is thick or thin, curly or straight, the Clever Clip will keep it in place. Also, these adorable Tattle Tails allow you to add a little glam to your style!
  • Ottilie & Lulu is a brand new range of skin, hair, and body care products formulated especially for girls between the ages of 7 and 14. Our "tweens" have special needs for their skin and this wonderful range of products is perfect for their delicate skin and hair. Our girls don't need glitter, perfume, and strident colors - they need safe products to help them overcome the changes their skin, hair, and body will go through in these growth years. As mothers, we want our girls to develop good hygiene habits that will stay with them throughout life and reap the benefits when they are our age.  As women you understand that it is never too early to start taking care of your skin.

So you see, there are ways to look fabulous without much effort, even when you can’t wrap up in a pile of fleece. Give these looks a try and show the world it is possible to have it all! Well, maybe not an idea of what to make for dinner yet, but everything else.

Happy Summer!

Pretty Mama 

Congratulations to the winner of the Reebok EasyTone Contest!
Jenny B of Dallas, Texas - enjoy your shoes and happy toning darling!

Get Your Pink On! Reebok's Pink Ribbon Collection

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Zakkerz are fabric strips that contain specially designed strong magnets — a set contains 4 strips (wear two per leg). 

Roll your pants up, wrap the zakkerz around the roll-ups, put on your flat shoes and you’re ready to go.  When you get to your destination put the zakkerz in their carrying sac, slip into your high heels, and roll down your pants in perfect condition.  

Zakkerz come in a variety of colors so they can blend in with your pants or be an accent to your outfit.  You can even turn any pants into capris. 

Cute, portable, and total flexibility for your pants — Pant Problem Solved! 

She She Me Sponsor:
Genetic Denim


Every individual holds a specific genetic code, body types differ as do fashion influences. Genetic Denim seeks to present each person with the best possible fit for their body type, accentuating assets rather than forcing everyone into the same mold.

The Davis
The Shane

With nostalgia for the bohemian yet basic denim styles of the 1970's, Genetic Denim has created a line with timeless appeal. The core lineup includes The Shane — a cigarette cut, The Riley — a classic bootcut, The Kelly — a low-rise bell bottom, and a new style called The Davis — a slouchy cigarette style that is a sexy update of the classic boyfriend silhouette. All are produced in a variety of washes, including the softest fabric in the denim market.

The Riley
The Kelly

Known for its fashion forward style and underground cool aesthetic, Genetic Denim combines the most top-quality and otherwise unattainable fabrics with washes and cuts from around the world, creating a classic global fashion brand with a touch of new age chic. Genetic Denim is more than a fashion brand; it's a way of life that reflects individual personality and style.




A Child's Journey Out of Autism
by Leeann Whiffen

When Clay Whiffen was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, his parents didn’t know where to turn. They refused to believe that he could not be cured, and began to try every therapy they could afford -- and many they couldn’t. Frantically they worked, knowing that Clay slipped further away every day. When intensive medical testing revealed that Clay no longer fit the criteria for any condition on the autism spectrum, the Whiffens’ wildest dreams were realized. Clay had become a typical child.

Written by Clay’s mother, A Child’s Journey Out of Autism spells out what treatments worked, where the family found help, and how they made it through this crushing crisis.

"Leeann Whiffen's fight for her son is a poignant, intimate story of perseverance and love – a reminder to all of us that a mother is the greatest ally a child with autism will ever have.  A Child's Journey out of Autism shines a heartfelt light on a future of healing and hope.Jenny McCarthy, author of Mother Warriors and Louder than Words.

"More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than cancer, diabetes, Downs Syndrome and AIDS combined. It is the fastest growing developmental disability, affecting one in every 150 children, and of that number 1 in every 98 boys, which is why it is so important for everyone to understand the disorder. As the aunt of an autistic child, I found this book informative, illuminating, uplifting and profoundly compelling. Proof positive that with love, consistency and dedication autism is treatable, and the lives of these children and their families can be greatly improved and enriched."Carla Laney, Executive Editor of She She Me


Tale of Despereaux

Remember when it was just too cold for the kiddies to play outside? Well, it won't be long now 'til it will be just too hot for them to be out-of-doors for any extended length of time. So what's a frazzled, exhausted mommy to do? While I am not one to condone planting the little darlings in front of the television for hours on end, I must admit that one of my favorite summer past times is Family Movie Night. We pop a big bowl of popcorn and slice up a couple of apples and settle in for a fun family movie. My pick for our first summer Family Movie Night is The Tale of Despereaux, a wonderful movie adaptation of one of my favorite children's books. This is a fairy tale that does not insult the adults who may be happening to watch as well. The main characters are very well developed, there is an actual plot and storyline that is entertaining as well as filled with great life lessons. I know we will watch this one over and over again! Do yourself a favor and snap up this adorable movie for your family's summer viewing!


Go GaGa Bags

Looking for a great all-purpose bag? Check out the fantastic selection of messenger/yoga/diaper bags at Go GaGa. The gorgeous ergonomically designed bags have a sleek style that suits both women and men. The patent pending ergonomic strap spreads the weight of the bag across your back and shoulders. The bags have many features which make them ideal as yoga bags, tote bags and diaper bags.

  • Padded shoulder strap for comfort
  • Fully insulated side pockets for bottles or soda cans
  • Extra large changing pad and wipes case
  • 5 interior pockets for baby needs or other daily necessities
  • Double layer fabrics and triple stitch seams for strength and durability

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