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by Pretty Mama
January 30.2009

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and featuring Bazzle Baby BandaBibs

Super Saving Style

Winter can be a tough time to be a parent, especially with young children. You’re trapped inside, people running all over the place, it’s maddening. Once you’ve run out of craft project ideas, things can get ugly. So set the kids up with a pile of Play-Doh, or wait until naptime, and de-stress yourself with a little retail therapy. ‘Tis the season to save like crazy!

Great Stuff for the Kiddies:

One advantage of end-of-season-sales (beside the obvious one, I mean) is apparent only to parents of young children: you can buy heavily discounted merchandise in sizes for next year and put it away, and you know it will fit! Unlike buying, say, that lovely acid-yellow cashmere cardigan for 60% off that was the must-have for fall, and discovering the following September that acid-yellow is SO 2008. (Not that I would know anything about that personally.) You know Junior will need a new raincoat next fall; Princess’ snowpants are getting a little short for her – snap up amazing deals while they’re available and use the money you save for a big V-Day night out and a babysitter. You know, romance – remember?

While ladies’ (and sometimes little girls’) fashions can change dramatically from season to season, little boys are usually found in the same things year after year: tees, polos, rugbys, jeans, shorts, and chinos. Right now’s a great time to grab holiday photo outfits for a song, or corduroys and sweaters that you won’t mind him getting dirty because, let’s face it, you didn’t pay that much. Stock up in next season’s size, but don’t buy too far in advance unless you have a very organized storage space; the only thing worse than not getting the great deals for next season is getting them, putting them away, then discovering after he’s outgrown them that you FORGOwww.michaelstars.comT where you put them and now they’re no use. (Not that I would know anything about that personally.) Also take adva ntage of basics on sale: underwear, pajamas, tights, socks.

Or, if you’re really not the planning-ahead type, scour the sales for season-spanning deals like Wellies, tees, knit dresses, cardigans for layering, sneakers, hair accessories, and those darling details that make a kid’s wardrobe really special. Some of your favorite retailers have early-spring sales on new merchandise that, while not quite as rock-bottom as end-of-season prices, still take the sting out of the endless outgrowing.

A word of advice before you start: don’t ask the kids’ opinions! You’ll find them selecting only dirt-track-racing graphic tees, or nothing but bright purple ballerina skirts. Ask what they like once the packages arrive, but until then, keep a lid on it. And for heaven’s sake, never tell a little boy you bought him a present and then hand him new clothes. If it doesn’t have flashing lights or wheels, it’s not a present. He’ll sulk for days. (Not that I would know anything about that personally.)

Great Stuff for the Home:

January is usually white-sale time: is she ready for a new look in her room? Moving to a big-boy bed? Snap up a whole suite of bedding on discount. Space; Star Wars; butterflies; trains: you’re limited only by your imagination and your modem speed. (And while you’re at it, when’s the last time you bought a new set of sheets for the master bedroom? Crisp, high-threadcount percale is like a vacation in a package – treat yourself, too.)

Or pick up a few choice pieces for the next holiday season: decorations, scarves, gloves, winter-scented candles… great gifts to stock up on so you’re not doing the last-minute run-around next December. (See earlier note on well-organized storage: start your gift list NOW and keep it in an obvious place. I’d be hopelessly adrift without one of these.)

Great Stuff for your Guy:

If you’re really feeling organized, once you’ve stocked up the kids’ closets, how about grabbing some bargains for your other half? Cashmere is always in style, and if you’re hoping to prime the gift pump for Valentine’s Day, not a half-bad way to go about it. Stock up on the basics too: jeans and polos, sneakers and socks – he'll definitely appreciate the savings as well as the thought!

Fabulous Stuff for You:

And now, since you've done your duty as a mommy, it's time for the really good stuff. This is the perfect time to snap up that pair of gorgeous knee-high boots you've had your eye on. Riding boots never go out of style and you will be wearing them for years to come. They look fabulous with denim as well as dresses — definitely an investment. And they are on SALE now too! Also, this is the ideal time to snap up a great pair of designer jeans. In fact, with so many stores offering savings of 50% to 75% it's probably a good idea to get a head start on your spring wardrobe.

And don't forget a fabulous handbag! This season I am all about the cross-body bag. My bag of choice: the Dewey Active Pack from Elspeth New York. This gorgeous lambskin bag is perfect for the busy mom on the go — I just tuck my essentials inside, sling it over my shoulder and I am good to go!

I hope the thrill of the bargain hunt helps carry you through the dark, cold days of the dead of winter. Before you know it, they’ll be outside up to their knees in mud, and you’ll be longing for a chance to spend some time indoors.

Happy Winter!

Pretty Mama

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