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by Pretty Mama  
March 30, 2007

Get Sassy and Stylish

There are some things that the mommy of little ones finds virtually impossible to do at times. Shopping for new Easter shoes with a temper-tantrum-prone toddler springs immediately to mind. Or attempting to try on a lovely new spring frock while shaking a baby rattle and making farmyard animal sounds (in my spring skivvies no less!) to a very cranky infant is another. (Never go shopping before nap time!) But there is one thing that all mommies should find time, make time, or when necessary BUY time to do, and that my dearest girls is bathe! (Or shower if that is your preference.) When it comes to personal presentation and pride of self, (or just plain common sense for goodness sake!) I simply cannot emphasize the importance of proper personal hygiene. (Not to mention the fact that there are so many scrumptious lotions and potions out there!) What brought on this dissertational diatribe you may well ask? Oh, dearest girls, I was witness to a very distressing incident recently and felt the need to share.

Was spending a fun and relaxing (yes, truly!) afternoon at the park with my little ones earlier this week, enjoying the sunshine (and finally being able to wear my new capris!) My preschooler was building sand castles with his little buddies in the sandbox and my little princess, who had on her adorable new tiny sundress, was napping peacefully in her pram. I was trading fashionista mommy secrets (such as the fabulousness of spring flats and the way a flirty skirt really ups the sexy factor for the weekend) with a few of the other mommies when another of our dear friends plunked down on the park bench next to us, divesting herself of diaper bag and sand toys and immediately plopped her sleeping six-week-old baby into my arms exclaiming, "Hold on to Olivia for me while I run back to the car for Jamie's lunchbox and my water bottle." In a flash of Juicy Couture she was sprinting back toward the parking lot. As we all ooohed and aaahed over the tiny little bundle in my arms, we gradually became aware of a rank odor. We all looked at each other in puzzlement and I leaned down and took a tentative sniff of the baby's diaper region. Nope, not coming from there. I took another stronger whiff up near the baby's face and, "Holy Apple iTunesflying monkeys—this baby has B.O.!" I exclaimed in shock just as our friend returned with the lunchbox and water. "Sweetie," I said to her, "I don't want to alarm you, but Olivia smells really funky and it's not her diaper."

"Oh, that's not her," she relied nonchalantly. "That's just me. I haven't showered in three days. I've been so busy, and Steve's been out of town on business, and I just haven't found the time to take a shower! I have the best of intentions, really I do," she continued. "But after I get Jamie off to preschool, nurse the baby, do some laundry, nurse the baby, pick up Jamie from preschool, run a few errands, nurse the baby, etc. etc. the day just seems to get completely away from me! I'm simply too exhausted in the evening so I just crawl back into bed to catch a few hours sleep before the 2 a.m. feeding. I guess Olivia spends so much time tucked under my armpit while she's nursing and, well…you know how it is," she trailed off lamely.

We all sat there in stupefied horror (and, just as a side note, No! I do not know how it is! I shower every day thank-you-very-much! It actually makes me cry to imagine slipping into my sassy summer slides after three days of funk!)

"Sweetie, you are to go home immediately, if not sooner, and take a nice, long, hot soak in a fragrantly-scented, bubble-filled tub." I told her. "Leave Jamie and Olivia here with us and go do this one thing for yourself. You absolutely deserve it, and no baby—especially one clad in oh-so-darling Baby Juicy—should ever smell like mommy's armpit! We'll see you in an hour." And with a tearful, yet exceedingly grateful smile, she was off like a flash.

Needless to say, we spent the rest of the afternoon discussing the many sacrifices we make as mommies, from lack of sleep to slacker hygiene to being guilty of still wearing our maternity pants even though our babies are already crawling. Never one to leave things on a down note, I have compiled the following list for your enjoyment and perusal:

The Ultimate List of Wants, Needs and Indulgences for Today's Stylish and Sassy Mommies:


Really Fabulous Finds to Make Life Easier for Mommy:

  • The ultimate diaper bag. Girls, this bag is sheer perfection. Chic, stylish and loaded with extras: side pockets for bottles, handy storage compartments, bottle holder and changing mat. The inside is patterned in either pink (the emily) or blue (the edward), and the bag has an outside zip for easy access without having to delve into the bag. The shoulder strap is padded for extra comfort. Perfect as a baby shower gift. And for She She Me girls, you can get 20% off plus free shipping! Just enter the code Reach07 at checkout!
  • Darling baby sneaks. Your little one will love wearing these adorable little suede and leather sneakers! So stylish and practical too, with the Comfort Fibre lining to keep little feet cool and dry.
  • Give the gift of style with a Dior Baby Bottle. Perfect for the fashionista mom and baby. With a Dior logo-patterned barrel and protective domed cap.
  • The hottest item for babies is the Flatout Koala Bear. Hand made from 100% pure Australian sheepskin, each bear is cuddly, flat and ultra soft. SJP's little guy adores his! Again, She She girls get 20% plus free shipping! Enter the code Reach07 at checkout.
  • Sweet baby scent. Sprinkle this lightly scented water on baby after bathtime to soothe and soften even the newest baby's skin.

Well dear friends, it's tubby time so I must dash! Happy mommy shopping!


Pretty Mama

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