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by Pretty Mama  
December 15, 2006

Top Ten Holiday Indulgences

I awoke this morning to the gentle patter of raindrops on the window, (which is not that unusual this time of year where I live) and the prospect of yet another day spent searching for missing rain boots and umbrellas while coercing a toddler not to jump in every puddle in the preschool parking lot. So I did what every sleep-deprived twirty-something mommy does and snuggled back down in my cozy warm bed. I was lightly dozing (and mentally trying on those gorgeous boots I've had my eye on) when I heard the pitter-patter of little feet tearing down the hallway and shouts of, "Mommy! Mommy! There are white sprinkles in the sky!" Sure enough, it was snowing! Now, while this is no big deal to many people, to a toddler who has only ever seen snow as that glittery white stuff in his holiday snow globe this was a truly impressive occurrence. And one that might not last too long either, so we immediately wrapped up in fleecy warm jackets, slipped into Wellies (this is the west coast girls, we are only equipped for rain!), bundled the baby into a snuggly blanket and headed outside for a little hands-on winter fun.

The neighborhood looked just like a Victorian Christmas card, even if there was only an inch of snow on the ground. Everything looked so crisp and clean, all covered in white, although it was putting a bit of a damper on my neighbor's morning commute (he rollerblades to work). I showed my little guy how to make a snowball, then how to roll it around on the lawn to make a bigger snowball and in no time flat we had a snowman! Granted, he was quite short and had a fair amount of leaves and twigs in him, but he was beautiful! We then sat in our cozy warm kitchen eating waffles, drinking yummy hot cocoa and admiring our handiwork (and our neighbors attempting to drive their SUV's in the slippy-slidey snow!) It was just like the winter mornings of my childhood (minus the eyeball freezing temps!)

Needless to say, after our impromptu snow party we had to rush to get to preschool on time (must admit to pulling the old I'm-on-my-way-to-the-gym-after-this look with my Juicy's and snazzy skimmers), but after being cut off in the Target parking lot by an extremely rude woman in a black SUV, (with spinners—what is she, a rap star?) I opted against facing the frantic hordes of holiday shoppers and headed back home for a little peace, quiet and online retail therapy. It's a crazy world out there girls, and life's little indulgences are what get us through!

Pretty Mama's Top Ten Holiday Indulgences

  1. Gorgeous new boots. You know you want them, you know you need them (they go with absolutely everything), you may as well go ahead and get them! Besides, Santa will appreciate the help!
  2. A great everyday tote bag. Something very chic and stylish to disguise the fact that it is filled with extra diapers, wipes, juice boxes and plastic dinosaurs.
  3. A luxurious cashmere robe. Real cashmere, not just a fluffy impostor. It is so lightweight, yet keeps you toasty warm and feels divine against your skin. I'll bet hubby would like one too!
  4. 800 thread count sheets. Yes, every year the thread count does get higher and higher, but I just love the way they feel and hey—we're talking indulgences here!
  5. An elegant new coat. Not just another trenchcoat, but something that I would wear out to dinner with my husband (dinner in an actual restaurant, with linen tablecloths, china and crystal, and the little ones home with a babysitter!)
  6. A date dress. Maybe a classic LBD or perhaps I'll go totally Cinderella. (After all, a princess needs a gown to wear when her prince takes her out for the aforementioned dinner.)
  7. Shoes to go with date dress to be worn to said dinner, yada yada. Am feeling a bit saucy and bold, so I may go for these!
  8. Spa Day. The ultimate indulgence. Mani/pedi, wax, massage, makeover, haircut and style—an entire day of pampering! Hmm, best to move this one up the list to before the requisites for a stylish dinner date with hubby. (Dinner date is no fun if one looks like Sasquatch.)
  9. Lovely little wisps of satin and lace. (New date dress would look silly worn over giant white bra and ratty gray granny panties!)
  10. Something sparkly. To fill in the neckline of gorgeous date dress. (I'm going to snap this one up immediately if not sooner—it's one of this year's hottest holiday items!

It's nice to dream isn't it? And now, lest you think me a total narcissist, here are the top gifts for the kiddies this holiday season:

  • Real Projects Workshop. This building set and workshop lets your little one build 12 different projects from reusable foam planks.
  • Smart Splash Memory Match Clams. A fun concentration style game for the tub, park or beach.
  • My Barnyard Friends. Cute and cuddly tote-along barn with fluffy little critters.
  • Littlest Pet Shop Biggest Little Pet Shop. This fantastic tri-level playset comes with more than 20 accessories including an exclusive Push 'n Play kitty that licks her paw when you pat her head!
  • SmartGlobe. The perfect electronic learning toy for the geographically challenged parent! Touch the interactive globe or the pull-out map with the stylus to play games, learn about history and weather and even hear national anthems! Weekly updates can be downloaded from the Internet. Your kids will be so absorbed they won't even realize they are learning!
  • Super Fort. Kids create their own play tents with this foam-tube and fabric construction set. Build a castle and have an adventure!
  • The Game of Life, Pirates of the Caribbean. Argh! Thar be no weddings here ye mateys! It's a ship and mascot ye be choosin' then gather as much treasure as you can! But beware of Davy Jones and the dreaded Kracken!
  • Speed Stacks StackPack. Sport stacking—racing to build and take down pyramids in specific patterns—is the hottest game around. Our school even has competitions! This version has a built-in timer so kids can track their own scores. Addictively fun!

Well, once again I have daydreamed my entire toddler-free morning away, but it was such fun! And I did accomplish a major feat of beautification because I just performed a fabulous at-home mani/pedi! Have discovered SpaRitual nail elixirs and lacquers and am totally in love! Gorgeous colors, major league staying power (type, type, type on the keyboard and NO CHIPS!!), so I am feeling completely justified in my daydream-fest. Oops! Must dash. If I leave now, I'll have time to stop for a Peppermint Hot Cocoa! Happy holiday shopping girls!


Pretty Mama

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