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Issue 12 by Pretty Mama
March 1, 2006

Style of Things to Come

Spring is just around the corner and the shop windows are filled with flirty skirts and strappy heels. The nurseries are bursting with spring flowers and the aisles of Target are lined with jelly beans and chocolate bunnies (as well as splendid goodies from across the Pond!) It's the birth of a new season and I find myself in nesting mode, preparing for the birth of a new baby. Now, while I have been through this before, I find that this time the experience is completely different. One theory (my mother's) is that perhaps this time I am expecting a little girl. Another theory (mine) is that I am so exhausted from caring for a rambunctious toddler while dealing with an ever burgeoning belly that the whole experience has taken on an altered perspective.

With my first baby I had absolutely no idea what to expect; everything was a new experience, everything was a first. From the intense desire for Chinese food at 3:00 a.m. to my incredibly expanding waistline (and other body parts). I welcomed each change, especially when I finally looked pregnant and could actually wear my chic and stylish maternity fashions, and not like someone who had scarfed a few too many Krispy Kremes. I revelled in the knowledge that I was creating a new life. And while the wonder and awe are still there, this time I find myself thinking, "Let's get this over with already!" I am even now anticipating the dreaded cankles (a.k.a. tree-trunk legs), sneezing and tooting at the same time (as well as wetting myself), knocking over my toddler with my belly, getting stuck in sofa cushions and needing a crane to extricate myself, and the myriad of other slightly to maddeningly irritating circumstances pregnancy constitutes. Not to mention the thought of getting everything ready for a new baby. (Where did I put that baby sling again?) I am working myself into high dudgeon (and apparently reading too many Victorian novels) and stressing about all there is to do. Where to begin?

Thankfully, a very dear friend dropped off a copy of The Peaceful Nursery in anticipation of a total stress meltdown on my part. I don't know when I have received a more welcome or more needed gift in my life (along with the one thing that helps my tiny tot sleep). Not only does this book help you plan and set up your perfect nursery (everyone has different parenting styles and needs), but it also helps you get your entire home organized, prepared and de-stressed. And who wouldn't appreciate a more serene home? By setting aside half an hour each day for the next few weeks I will be able to eliminate the clutter, streamline the housework and create a safe and nurturing environment for my new little angel!

Now that I am feeling much more relaxed about the impending arrival of my wee one, I can concentrate on other equally important issues—namely, boosting my flagging style spirits! You know how it gets, you have finally come to terms with the rotunda-tummy and having to wear a steel-belted bra at all times. But you have reached that iffy point (fashion-wise) in your pregnancy, the last trimester, where you really don't want to invest a lot of money in clothing that you hope to never see again six months from now. So what's an expectant girl to do for a little style indulgence? Here's a guide to third-trimester fashion as well as post-baby style:

Third-Trimester Fashion:

  • A great pair of jeans. These will get you through those last months, and most likely the first couple of months post-partum, so go for comfort as well as style.
  • A snuggly top. The weather is still a bit nippy, so choose something comfortable and flattering.
  • A great basic tee. Style is key, you don't want to look like you grabbed something from the wrong (his) side of the closet. Shade Clothing has a great line of long extra-coverage tees, perfect for pregnancy.
  • Stylish flats (take extra special care of your back these last few months) and a great handbag will boost your style spirits tremendously. Besides, shoes are one of those justifiable non-size-issue purchases that can always be used as a bonus/reward/pick-me-up. Same goes for handbags. And sunglasses. And jewelry. And cosmetics.

Post-Baby Style:

  • First and foremost: a really fabulous robe. You will spend a huge amount of time in this one item of apparel in the beginning, so you deserve the very best.
  • A great pair of jeans (preferably with a little stretch to them). Bear in mind that it will probably be a few months before you are able to get back into your old jeans. In fact, don't even attempt to try them on for at least six weeks. There is nothing quite so distressing as grabbing your favorite I-am-one-hot-mama-jeans and then not being able to get them past your thighs (or in my case, knees). That story about the woman who wore her size 27 Citizens home from the hospital—total urban legend!
  • Fresh and saucy tees. Think ease, think comfort, think launder-ability! "Dry Clean Only" is a thing of the past.
  • Support! Whether nursing or not, it is vital that you provide the proper support to the old bosom (unless you have no problem with your boobs looking like golf balls in tube socks. Although it could provide you with a new career modeling for National Geographic).
  • Fun footwear. Think comfort as well as style. Also, invest in a great pair of trainers for those long walks with your little one--fresh air and exercise is great for both mom and babe!
  • Have fun with accessories while you can. Soon your little one will be enthralled with anything colorful and shiny and your earrings and necklaces will become chew toys.
  • The mother-of-all-diaperbags! There are so many to choose from: this one is perfect for when you will be gone a short time and just need to toss in a few baby necessities. Here is one for a more extended stay, perhaps dropping baby off at Grandma's while you and the girls do lunch. And this is the what I refer to as my " We'll-be-home-when-they-lock-the-mall" diaperbag.


  • Sleeping maternity pillow. This is more of a necessity than an indulgence.
  • Pedicure. You may not be able to reach your toes, but that is no reason for them to look anything but gorgeous. Besides, a spa day sounds perfect just about now!
  • The most fabulous pair of peep-toes or fun summer sandals available. (Must show off gorgeous tootsies and reward self for good behavior.)

Happy baby shopping!

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The Peaceful Nursery

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  • Basic Feng Shui principles for a serene nursery
  • Healthy choices for paint, fabric, toys, and furniture
  • Tips for nursing, changing, bathing, sleeping, and play areas
  • And much, much more

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She She Me Announcement

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