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She She Me can help you now more than ever to get more traffic and generate more sales. She She Me web traffic has more than tripled in the last year. Our run rate is now over 6 MILLION PAGE VIEWS ANNUALLY and growing. Our marketing efforts have also more than doubled. We are now sending out more than 250,000 emails per month to our subscribers making it easy for advertisers to get access to our national subscriber base. For detailed web stats and demographics, see bottom of page.

The following are some actual Advertising Examples you can link to for reviewing ad placements that might fit for your business. For all ad inquiries please email us at adsales@shesheme.com and we will gladly respond to you with our updated media kit and assign you to one of our regional ad specialists. We can customize a marketing campaign just for you at no extra cost. We look forward to helping you grow your business. Best of success to you and your business! She She Me Marketing


Click on the following links to see examples of advertising.


* Rates good thru 05/30/09

SPECIAL AD PACKAGE   Reg $845, Special $699.00

Try our specially priced ad package below.

Newsletter Sponsorship + She She Mall + Special Editor Mention:

  • 2 Newsletter Co-Sponsorships
  • 1 Special Mention by our Executive Editor
  • 2 Editorial Text Links

For help with Home Page Advertising contact us at adsales@shesheme.com.

Pricing and Discounts: 

3 Month Price
Reg Price: $375.00
Special Price:

6 Month Price
Reg Price: $690.00
Special Price: $599.00
* 2nd Listing FREE in January!!!

12 Month Price (BEST PRICE)
Reg Price: $1200.00
Special Price:
* 2nd Listing FREE

She She Mall

She She Me Home Page Advertising

ON SALE! April only - $250 for a full month!

  Full Banner:
$250/Week Home Page, $200/Month for Blog
Button Mall Banner $250/Month, $175/Mo. Blog
Featured Hot Product: $300/Wk, $250/Mo. Blog

Place your banner on the popular She She Me website front page. Full banners are placed at the bottom of the home page and stretch the width of the page. Button banners are for stores who have mall listings at our popular She She Mall site. Feature Hot Product advertising is displayed in premium upper right space of our website home page and can be purchased either in day increments or weekly increments.

For help with Home Page Advertising contact us at adsales@shesheme.com.

Newsletter Episode Sponsorship

Sole Sponsorship Reg $750
Joint Sponsorship Reg $450

Get a captive audience by being a Newsletter Sponsor. She She Me creates an advertisement - sponsorship that runs at the bottom of the weekly emails. These sponsorships include 1 2 pictures and as many text links as requested by the client. Typical word count can be as high as 250 for exclusive sponsorships. Added benefit of having your sponsorship archived for six weeks or more.

For help in sponsoring a She She Me Newsletter contact us at adsales@shesheme.com.

Side-Bar (vertical skyscraper) Ad

Skyscraper (120x600) Reg $400
Side Banner (120x240) Reg $350

This service is She She Me's latest offering of online advertising and promotion. For a flat fee, clients can buy text boxes or side banners that run on the right side of the newsletter. Boxes will include either a banner image or a quick product write-up or ‘must buy' list featuring items from the promoting company (Limit 50 words). Open rates on editorial columns are high and the placement is beneficial to a company desiring to get the word out.

For help listing a Side-Bar Ad contact us at adsales@shesheme.com.

Newsletter Text Link Marketing
**Underlined text links in our newsletters

As low as $90 per link

She She Me newsletters get the highest click-thrus on text links in the industry (40+% total click-thru rate). Now introducing Text Link rates that can be purchased independent of sponsorships and campaigns. (Rates: 1 link $150, 3-5 links $125/link, 6-10 links $110/link, 11-15 links $100/link, 16+ links $90/link).

chic clique Advertising   $350 per email blast,
$250 ea. when you buy 2!

Monthly distribution, bi-weekly during the holiday and post holiday period. This is a special advertising email promotion for stores with off price merchandise for sale. To be included you must be offering at least 20% off regular prices. She She Me will help you get the word out fast. Subscribers know that this these offers are time sensitive. Join our chic clique advertisersBe the first to learn about new offers at the best prices. Private emails and savings

For help in running a chic clique Ad contact us at adsales@shesheme.com.

Dedicated Email for Your Company or Event


Example Dedicated Email She She Me

Dedicated Email Options

Full Service Rate: $1500. Price includes us assisting you in the writing and development. Includes a Free Special Mention by our Exec Editor in a separate She She Me newsletter and we’ll also include 2 editorial text links in the same newsletter.

Ad Copy Ready Rate with Editing: $1200. This price would require that you send us all the assets ready to publish. We still include editing in this price.  Includes a Free Special Mention by our Exec Editor in a separate She She Me newsletter.

Ready to Publish: Rate: $999 (2 For $1500). This price is available when you have ready-to-send ad copy that requires no editing. Add a special mention in one of our newsletters for just $99.00.

Ready to Publish Regional Rate: $499.
If you don't need a national email but want to focus on a large metro city area this is the right Ad vehicle for you.This price is available when you have ready-to-send ad copy that requires no editing.

Let us create a custom written She She Me Newsletter just for your business.

For the business that wants all the attention from our subscribers, this service gives exclusive exposure and distribution to the entire She She Me subscriber membership. This is a dedicated/exclusive newsletter for your store or business that can feature products, events, or any marketing message including new product introductions to end-of-season sales. Our editorial Team offers a full-service option for writing the copy for you (see above for options). Dedicated emails can be scheduled for available dates on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

For help in designing an exclusive newsletter for your business contact us at adsales@shesheme.com.

Pricing and Discounts

3 Month Price
Reg Price: $375.00
Special Price:

6 Month Price
Reg Price: $690.00
Special Price: $599.00
* 2nd Listing FREE in January!!!

12 Month Price (BEST PRICE)
Reg Price: $1200.00
Special Price:
* 2nd Listing FREE

She She Mall

New Lower She She Mall Pricing with built-in Marketing!

Mall Listing: As little as $41.63 per month/12 month pre-pay plan when you order in June since you get 2 Listings for the price of one!.

  • Includes a She She Mall listing with link from the banner to website and up to 3 text links
  • Inclusion in our Store Search Locator
  • Dedicated Store Hot Products Page. Each store now get it’s own dedicated products page to illustrate up to 5 products with description, price, picture and link to website
  • Free Admin Control Access. She She Me will install the listing and products page at no additional charge. Each store owner will be given login privileges for updating.
  • Free Marketing.
    • Free Bi-Weekly email blasts to our national database featuring two products and promoting Sale Announcements.
    • She She Me will also feature stores with listings in newsletter mall promotions
    • Premium Marketing Program.  Now She She Me will market any store that wants assistance in driving traffic to it’s listing and the stores website.
      • Each month every Marketing Listing will be feature in a She She Me newsletter
      • Each month every Marketing Listing will receive a Free Text Link in one of the She She Me newsletters

For help in listing your store in the SHE SHE Mall contact us at adsales@shesheme.com.

Check out our Demographics and Stats

Web Stats

  • 6 Million Page views annually
  • Page Views for website, newsletters and mall are more than 500,000 per month.
  • Unique Visits per month 120,000 or nearly 1.5 million unique visitors to our website annually

Demographic Stats

  • 90% of the audience is women aged 20 – 40's
  • 25,000 national subscribers.

Newsletter/Email Click Thru/Impression Stats

  • Total Click-Thrus 40%+
  • 250,000 emails sent per month
  • Average Total click-thru total per episode 20,000+


  • 30,000 national subscribers and growing
  • Affluent audience (100k median income group)
  • 20 to 49 years old
  • 65% single, 35% married
  • 95% women, 5% men
  • Independent and social
  • Accelerated lifestyle
  • Internet active; marketing, media, high-tech, corporate
  • Fashion & industry professionals
  • Travel, shop at high end stores, go to art galleries, restaurants
    and special event


The latest Buzz on she she me…

We are a young online retail store and after intensive research our company decided our advertising dollars would be well spent with “She She Me.”  It is gratifying to know our exposure is equal to some of the largest web sites in the world such as amazon.com, beauty.com, sephora.com, strawberry.net not to mention some of the largest companies in the world: Target, Macy’s, Godiva, Eddie Bauer, Tommy Hilfiger. We are happy to be featured with these prestigious companies; I don’t think this would be possible with anyone but shesheme. We are thrilled!”

-Wanda Hullett, President, ebeautifulyou.com & bellezaboutique.net


“She She Me” provides quick and easy marketing options and an incredibly fast response time to questions.  SheSheMe Mall has provided us with good search exposure and traffic which has enabled us to increase our target customer base. 

-Rebecca Nash, MadieDeluxe Handbags


The "She She Me” experience was absolutely perfect from start to finish to results.  The Newsletter Sponsorship provided tremendous exposure to exactly the type of audience we love; ladies who are smart, fashionable, and know what they want.  As a result, orders came in immediately and we have already placed three more campaigns.  We will definitely be a year round client

-Mary Phillips-Whitley, Mary Phillips Designs


"SheSheMe.com" is one of my best marketing tools. They bring in a lot of business, the click throughs are amazing, and the traffic they bring does produce daily sales. She She Me has a fabulous site, along with the mall it really is worth the advertising expense. You will be used additionally in shesheme features when you start advertising with them, which keeps a consistent flow of traffic to your site, they are good at what they do, you would definitely make a good marketing decision if you advertise with shesheme.com.

-Brandi Felt, Owner, Boutique33.com


She She Me” is an All-Star favorite at boscia ! The boscia beauty team all started out as subscribers who couldn't wait to read our She She Me newsletter updates. Now we are enjoying the partnership in marketing and advertising with their savvy and entertaining She She Me marketing program. We really wanted to speak to the stylish set of  beauty mavens on-line and She She Me is the Coolest! Thanks for helping boscia to drive sales and awareness with your great service and creativity in such a fun and upscale format.

-Caren Conrad, boscia General Manager


"She She Me is a great site – well written with a beautiful layout! It is a wonderful site to be featured on, as their dedicated, fashion forward readers are action-oriented and really check out all of the sites and products featured – generating a lot of site traffic and sales for Shopbop!”

-Alle Fister, Director of Public Relations, Shopbop.com


"Avenue You spends a lot of money on direct advertising, CPC, and banner placements, and per dollar spent * She She Me * has been extremely successful. Their layout is exactly the kind of company/website we would want our business associated with. We go through a lot of research and time before choosing a company to promote and market our business, and it only took a few hours to say *She She Me* is perfect for Avenue You. They are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to a long strong successful relationship with Gary and his staff at *She She Me*”

-Brian J. Esposito, CEO Avenue You Beauty Store


"We have several local and national marketing campaigns running, and She She Me has been the only one to provide us with IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION! We have received same day business every time a new She She Me Campaign has launched, and our web traffic has substantially and consistently increased! One of our customers (and an avid She She Me subscriber) told us that this would be the perfect place for us to advertise, and she couldn't have been more right!"

-Kristen Klett, The Green Kangaroo, Inc.


"We've been advertising with She She Me since Fall 2004, and are continually impressed by the click-thrus to our site, and resulting sales. With the addition of the new features to the site, such as the She She Mall, we are committed to continuing our successful relationship with She She Me."

-Kassie Rempel , Owner of SimplySoles.com  


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