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All About She She Me & Friends

Welcome to the world of She She Me,
the most chic, stylish and fabulous twirty girl around!  

She She Me

She She Me
is a fictional twirty-something character living life on the edge. She is single, a working girl climbing the corporate ladder and determined to stay chic and stylish while doing so. She She Me writes the She She Scene and the Style de Vie columns. She She Scene is an episodic-type column; sort of a day-in-the-life-of-She She Me, along with fabulous fashion tips, online finds and style advice. Style de Vie is a lifestyle column—home décor, entertaining, vacations, etc. as well as the advice for staying stylish while doing so!

Shop Girl

Shop Girl is our resident fashionista and also happens to be She She Me's best friend. She is a little more edgy than She She Me. Shop Girl writes our Style Scoop column, which is all about the latest, hottest fashions, footwear and accessories. She is totally on top of fashion—it is her life and she is our go-to girl for all things chic and stylish. Shop Girl brings years of experience as a seriously dedicated fashionista, is always happy to share her discoveries with her friends and believes that there is absolutely no reason why a girl shouldn't look her best, and it doesn't necessarily have to break the bank either!


Girly is our gorgeous beauty expert and she writes our Sassy Fashionista column, which is about beauty products, makeup, spa treatments and the latest hottest fashion trends. Girly also happens to be married to She She Me’s younger brother. Girly and She She Me have totally bonded since the wedding and are now the dearest of friends (yes, the kind of friend who will tell you that the blusher you are wearing is totally wrong for your complexion and spiky lashes are soooo last decade!)

Pretty Mama


Pretty Mama is the most stylish of mommies and writes our New Mom Chic column. She is another of She She Me's dearest friends. Pretty Mama is the hip and happening mama of darling toddler and a new baby, and has oodles of fabulous tips on staying chic and stylish as a new mom, as well as advice for keeping up with all that is involved in the life of a busy mom.

Go through the archives to read back issues of all of the columns and familiarize yourself with the ongoing antics of the She She Me girls at anytime! It is just the first step in staying (or becoming) chic, stylish and fashionablea She She girl. It's your world, it's my world, it's so much fun!

and remember...smile, happy girls are pretty girls!

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